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Veiled Racism and Hidden Colonialism

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Imagine if I wrote an article about the Yellow Vest protestors in France and I quoted a professor from Kenya in the write up. Imagine if I was an anchor of a newscast and I had a segment about the conflict in Catalonia only to welcome an expert from Cameroon to present his views on that topic. Imagine if I hosted a TV show that covered the history of Irish people and I invited an analyst from Zimbabwe to offer insights on Ireland.


I know there are some who chuckled at the thought of these things; a reaction wrought by the caste system of race that has conditioned us to place value on complexion above the complexity of people’s ideas. However, mainstream media outlets have no problem giving platforms to professors, experts and analysts from Europe and America to examine current events and news related to Africa as they willfully disregard all but a few token voices from the countries they dissect. These are the vestiges of colonialism that lives on through patronization.


In theory, there should be no problem with the imagined scenarios I presented above; knowledge is not constrained by borders neither is understanding of a country the sole domain of those who live there. The problem is if I invite only non-native professional to assess the news and views of nations to the exclusion of those who reside there. The imagery is jarring; while Ethiopians, Kenyans, Nigerians and other nations throughout Africa are reduced to background props, pundits with lesser melamine are given spotlights to talk for us—this is nothing less than a vicious form of reductivism.


Read full article at: https://ghionjournal.com/analyze-this-agenda-setting-or-intellectual-laziness/

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Hey bro......

Do you want to know a sad truth?

The sad truth is ONE of the reasons Europeans are so successful in coming to African communities and speaking on African affairs is because Africans tend to TRUST THEM and seek to IMPRESS THEM and give them all of the information they want....while they too often DISTRUST and DESPISE eachother over ethnic and religious differences.
Often times the ONLY person who can mediate and serve as a liasion to get into the nation and interview people and get the information is a White man from the outside!


Like Rwanda.
Neither side trusted other Black Africans to tell their story to or help negotiate a peace deal....so they call in White people from Europe to come down and broker a deal because BOTH sides trust "da white man" to be fair and impartial....even though he was the one who STARTED the conflicts to begin with!

I was watching that racist movie The Last King of Scotland the other night with a lady friend of mine and we got into a discussion which almost turned into an argument because she hated the way the movie portrayed the main white character in a positive light when the fact was White people seem to constantly INJECT themselves into African affairs. 
And she was right about the movie, but she missed the mark that too often the case is Caucasians don't have to inject themselves because they'll be pulled into those affairs.

Too often we as a people (African people) trust Caucasians and would rather talk to them and do business with them and even be friends with THEM over our fellow African brothers and sisters.

Look at such logic......

One African doesn't like the other African who looks just like him because:
-he is of a different ethnicity
-he speaks a different language
-he has less education
-he practices a different religion


But those same Africans will chase after and make friends with a WHITE MAN who is:
-of a different race
-speaks a different language
-didn't go to college at all
-doesn't even believe in God


....they'll ignore ALL of those differences just to pal around with a White man but let ANY of those factors prevent him from getting along with another Black man.

Many Africans will DISOWN their own daughter if she marries an African from another ethnic group, nation, or religion......but will REJOICE if she marries a WHITE MAN who doesn't even believe in God!
Am I lying?

Look at Iman and how she was allowed to marry David Bowie.


So this is one of the reasons so often White Europeans can come to African nations and get access to certain information and areas that even other Africans aren't given to do their news stories and documentaries.

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On 11/22/2020 at 4:37 AM, Liber8ion said:

The imagery is jarring; while Ethiopians, Kenyans, Nigerians and other nations throughout Africa are reduced to background props, pundits with lesser melamine are given spotlights to talk for us—


Oh Gosh! I cannot express in words right now how much I agree with you!




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