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Reparations—Recouping our Communities—Restoring Black Families

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Reparations—Recouping our Communities—Restoring Black Families

Reparation is a legal fight that we have to push to achieve.  It is a necessary fight in order to close the ‘racial wealth gap’ in America.  Colonial America was founded on the spirit of hatred, haughtiness, and a barbaric behavior pattern of starting unjust wars.  From its inception, Hybrid Humans; the pale-skinned Colonizers from northern Europe set up a society with a governing model similar to the formal feudal caste system of Europe where the word ‘black’ was a description for the bottom cast citizens.  This mentality and behavior became the foundation for the Anti-Black Agenda by the Colonizers.  The beginning of 2020 came with a failed impeachment hearing, the onset of Coronavirus-19, a damaged economy, and the boldness of ‘overt’ domestic white supremacy terrorism.  Also, it was the first time in decades that the Black Agenda moved the needle in the national conversation.  The efforts of Black Advocacy at the grassroots were more effective through creative ways to acquire news beyond the white establishment.  As we continue to become more politically astute and informed about an Ancestor’s contribution to this nation; we are discovering the atrocities that they suffered through economic starvation, human rights abuses, and denial of full citizenship participation.  Furthermore, we are uncovering more evidence that our justice claim for Reparations goes back to the beginning of colonization.  Some of the Racist Laws set in motion by the Colonizers before the United States became a country were:   

1639—Negroes were excludes from the requirement of possessing arms.    

1640—J. Punch, sentenced to a servant for life. Although two other runaways were not.  One was a Dutchman and the other a Scotsman. 

1642—Negro women could be considered tithable (property), whereas English women were not.                                                                                                                   1662—Negro children born to indentured females became servitude for life.      

1667—Baptism did not bring freedom to Negroes.    

1668—Free Negro women (liken to enslaved females age 16 were deemed tithable).  

1669—Casual killing of slaves.         

1670—Free Negroes and Native who had been baptized were forbidden to buy Christian (Christian was synonymous for English culture), servants.         

1672—Legal to wound or kill resisting slaves (compensated to slave owner if the slave is killed).  Rewarded Indians who captured escaped slaves.       

1680—Forbidden slaves to meet at gatherings, including funerals.  Slaves were forbidden to arm themselves for offensive or defensive purposes.                   

1691—Whites married to Negroes or Mulattos were banished and a systematic plan was established to capture ‘outlying slaves.’         

1692—Slaves denied the right to a jury trial for capital offenses.     

1705—Free Negroes lose the right to hold public office.    

1705—Negroes, free or enslaved denied the right to witness to testify in court.     

1705All Negroes, Mulatto, Indians Slaves, were considered real property.  In other words, these groups made up ‘chattel slaves’ or the foundation of Property rights as economic collateral for the Virginia plantation Planters.                               

1705—Enslaved men were not allowed to serve in the militia.      

1707—Law passed to increase mulatto children born to white women indentured to 31 years.  Ministers were fined who married interracial couples. 


The newly ‘legally’ named Negroes (the Spanish word for black) were significant to ALL of the gains the Colonizers made in their constant wars between the Indigenous (Indians) Confederates in the Northeast territories of the continent, the French occupying lands in the South to areas extending to current Canada, the Spanish in the Southwest, Northwest, and current-day Central and South Americas.  The promise of FREEDOM and the right to bear arms (protection/security) were primary motivating factors for our Ancestors to participate in the wars.  Typically the promises were broken by the English in New England and the Virginia Colonies.  The friction that existed for centuries in the old world between the ‘commoners (New England) and the nobles (Virginia) of Europe began to play out between the British subjects from New England and the Virginia colonies after the French and Indian wars ended.  Negroes served in the Spanish and French-Indian Wars before they served in the (Continental) Revolutionary war.  Also, they served as bargain chips in the perpetual wars in the Europeans’ quest for domination against each other in the Americas.  At the beginning of the continental/revolutionary war, General George Washington was vocal in opposition about recruiting black men both free and slaves (especially slaves) into the military.  “As the war with Britain broke out in the spring of 1775, Massachusetts patriots needed every man they could get, and a number of black men—both slave and free –served bravely at Lexington and Concord and then at the Battle of Bunker Hill. In fact, according to documents archived on www.fold3.com a former slave named Salem Poor performed so heroically at Bunker Hill—exactly what he did has been lost to history—that 14 officers wrote to the Massachusetts legislature, commending him as a ‘brave and gallant Soldier’ who deserved a reward.  Valor like this wasn’t enough, however, and shortly after his appointment as commander in chief, Washington signed an order forbidding the recruitment of all blacks.”  The British took this opposition as an opportunity to divide the colonies.  army.mil. Once the Ancestors learned the English language, some of them took on the legal system to gain their freedom.  Elizabeth Freeman, (1744-1829) aka Bet, Mum Bett, or MumBet was the first indigenous American to file and win a freedom suit in the state of Massachusetts under the constitution in 1781.   Another person was James Armistead Lafayette (1748-1830), who petitioned for his freedom.  He was a slave and served as a double agent (spy) in the Revolutionary War.  After the war, he continued life as a slave because he was not eligible for emancipation under the in legal injustice Act of 1783 for slave soldiers.   After petitioning the Virginia legislature he was granted his freedom in 1787. Biography.com.   Two other political voices who fought on behalf of the entire collective were David Walker, (1796-1830) and Maria Stewart (1803-1879).  Walker was an Anti-slave Abolitionist Activist.  Walker was born to a slave father and a free mother (Indigenous American), therefore he was a free person at birth.  He was one of the leading Abolitionists who urged slaves to fight for freedom and justice.  He wrote a series of Essays called ‘Appealing to the Coloured Citizen of the World’ in 1830 where he challenged the system of white supremacy and its inhumane treatment of enslaved people.  Maria Stewart was the first women’s rights advocate in America.  She was born a free person (believed to be Indigenous to the Americas) and was inspired by Walker. As an adult, she urged women to stand up for their rights rather than suffer in humiliation.  She believed both male and female Negroes deserved the chance to acquire an education. After her husband died, Stewart was denied her widow’s pension and the inheritance he left to her.  He was a wealthy businessman and veteran of the War of 1812. Bostonlitdistrict.org. When the law was changed to disadvantage Ms. Steward, it was a blatantly racist act of economic starvation.  The politics of Slavery was designed to keep (The Negroes) as the permanent labor force by creating laws to hinder their economic progress.  The Ancestors were constantly fighting and figuring out ways to navigate the system of white supremacy.  As a result of their determination to fight against the power structure of white supremacy; many of their communities were destroyed in the eighteen and nineteenth centuries.  Before the federal government allowed the massacre in the Greenwood District of Tulsa, OK; Hybrid Humans with pale-skinned had developed a history of destroying our communities.  Listed below are some of the genocidal/domestic terrorist acts from the 1860s to 1946. 


Devil’s Punchbowl in Natchez MS, 1860s

People considered Contraband during the Civil War for profit.

Camp Jackson Massacre, MO, May 10, 1861

Detroit Race riot, March 6, 1863

Ft. Pillow Massacre, TN April 12, 1864

Saltville Massacre, VA Oct 1-3, 1864

Memphis Massacre-riots, TN, May 1-3, 1866

New Orleans Massacre, LA July 30, 1866

Opelousas Massacre, St Landry Parish, LA Sept. 28, 1868

Eutaw Massacre-riot, Greene County, AL Murder of James Martin, March 31, 1870

Eutaw Massacre-riot, Greene County, AL Gilford Coleman lynched, Oct. 25, 1870

Colfax Massacre, LA April 13, 1873

Coushatta Massacre, LA August 28-30, 1874

Hamburg Massacre, SC July 8, 1876

Polk County Massacre, AR August 5, 1896

Carrol County Courthouse Massacre, MS March 17, 1886

Wilmington Massacre, NC November 10, 1898

Springfield Race War, IL August 14-16, 1908

Atlanta Massacre, Race war, GA September 22-24, 1906

Slocum Massacre, Genocide, TX July 29, 1910

Houston riot, TX May-July 1917

Elaine Massacre, AR September 30, 1919

Chicago riots, IL July 27-August 3, 1919

Omaha Race riot, NE September 28-29, 1919

Knoxville Race riot, TN August 30-31, 1919

Greenwood Massacre, Tulsa, OK May 31-June 1, 1921

Rosewood Massacre, FL January 1, 1923

Phoenix Massacre, AZ November 27, 1942 (Military)

Camp Van Dorn Massacre, Centreville, MS June 1943 (Military) (about 1200 black soldiers died, according to records)

Columbia Race Riot, TN February 25-28, 1946 (US Veterans defended themselves)


For more than 381 years later, police (original slave catchers) brutality, vigilantism, and economic starvation were the leading causes of our annihilation in the illegal system of injustice in Colonial America.  Our Ancestors knew first-hand what the slave catcher’s jobs were.  They were/are the ‘legal enforcement arm’ of this white supremacy regime, whereas the vigilantes were/are the supporting arm to the police.  This is the same dynamic playing out in 2020.  White Supremacy tactics are to kill, steal, and destroy.  Our Ancestors lived through acts of terror in slavery and Jim Crow.  They constantly taught the youth how to hopefully survive police encounters.  The idea of ‘policing’ was never a part of our Ancestors’ communities before their communities were destroyed.  The Ancestors protected their own communities.  Policing was always designed to ‘protect’ white people’s property which translated to controlling the ‘Black Population’ total existence.   Several resources to consider to further your awareness of the effects of policing in the Black communities are:  Breaking Ranks, A Top Cop expose’ of the dark side of American Policing, by Norm Stamper.  Second, Ritual of Blood: Consequences of Slavery in Two American Centuries, by Orlando Patterson.   Third, 100 years of Lynching, by Ralph Ginzburg.  Ginzburg’s book covered actual news stories of domestic terrorism. And the fourth book is Carter G. Woodson’s, Mis-Education of the Negro. Woodson’s book is a must-read or re-read again to understand how we have learned to be ignorant and complicit in our own demise.   After the destruction of the Black communities, White people used the legal system to keep Black people out of their communities with racial covenants.  As early as 1910, Minneapolis, MN established racial covenants in the deeds for housing.  By 1926, other states were following the trend after the U.S. Supreme Courts validated the use of racial covenants.  bostonfairhouising.org.   Twenty-two years later the same Supreme Court made ‘racial covenants’ unenforceable by law.  During that same year in 1948, the community of Eagle Rock in Los Angeles CA formed a mob when a black family was set to move-in.  The community mob set a 12-foot cross aflame and watched it burn.  This incident happened shortly after the Supreme Court’s decision. Between the years 1950-1966, Los Angeles became one of the most segregated cities in America where there were ‘secret white supremacy gangs’ operating within the police departments.  In 1999, the latimes.com reported on “The Secret Society among Lawmen” that dated back to 1971 in East Los Angeles.  In June 2020 nymag.com article read “In LA County, Gangs wear Badges.”  Sworn testimony made in June 2020 by a whistleblower revealed that there have been gangs inside of the sheriff’s office in Compton for decades.  Such gangs operating inside the police department as the ‘Vikings, Reapers, Regulators, Little Devils, Cowboys, 200 Boys, and 300 Boys, Jump out Boys, and most recently the Banditos and the Executioners.  The United States, rather the divided states have never been without an Anti-Black Agenda.  Operating an Anti-Black is the only way that they can maintain their delusion of superiority.  In a just society, Black people could and would strive without the assistance of so-called white people.  This is the reason why it’s imperative that we learn the lessons of our Ancestors, strive to become politically educated, and work toward a Black Agenda that will benefit the survival of our cultural collective.  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (of Hindi/Jamaican heritage) will begin to run the yard in 2021.  The reason a Black Agenda is important is that “Our Ancestors’ built America, their own communities, including institutions such as schools, hospitals, banks, and business, to name a few.  Joe Biden made a pledge to the police association that he would give an additional 300 million dollars to their coffers.  In the meantime, he never stated anything about punishing the police and vigilantes who murdered unarmed black people.  Our Advocacy for justice starts with Reparations.  The arm justice extends to recouping our communities destroyed by white supremacy and getting justice for unarmed black people who died at the hands of a domestic terrorist.  Some of those who died in 2020 were: 


Jabari and Gerard Celestine, 16 yr old twins, accosted by the police on September 5, 2020, in Lafayette, LA

Dijon Kizzee, 29 yr old man shot and killed by police on August 31, 2020, in Los Angeles, CA

Jacob Blake, 29 yr old man shot and paralyzed by police on August 23, 2020, in Kenosha, WI

Trayford Pellerin, 31 yr old man shot and killed by police on August 21, 2020, in Lafayette, LA

Robert Fuller, 24 yr old man found dead hanging on June 10, 2020, outside City Hall in Palmdale, CA

Dominique Alexander, 27 yr old man found hanging on June 9, 2020, in Fort Tryon Park, Manhattan, NY

George Floyd, 45 yr old man died in police custody on May 25, 2020, in Minneapolis, MN

Rayshard Brook, 27 yr old man shot and killed by police on June 12, 2020, in Atlanta, GA

Breonna Taylor, 26 yr old woman shot and killed by police on March 13, 2020, in Louisville, KY.


Paraphrasing one of Nina Simone’s famous songs; it’s a New Dawn, it’s a New Day and a New Life for the descendants of the former slaves/sharecroppers, and it’s time we follow the road map our Ancestors left for us navigate our journeys.  It is up to us to dig for the evidence and became political warriors in the fight for justice in our efforts to further the Black Agenda.  

Chaplain B.BCC, iad2bfree@outlook.com, 10/27/2020.

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Reparations will be for centuries of unpaid labor which made millions of Whites rich and paved the way for the U.S. to become an economic power sooner than ordinarily possible.

If Reparations were ever to be paid for pain and suffering, then the galaxy itself would have to be presented to the descendants of Black Slaves. 

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Guest Garland Gregory

All are invited to read "THE NEW BREED REPARATIONS SANCTUARY" (a novel)... for an enhanced appreciation and greater understanding... on the very complex topic of reparations... relative to the unique position in which Black Americans find themselves.

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I was searching the videos you posted.........

Can you direct me to the minute-marks where it is confirmed that Reparations are here and ready to be mailed out or passed out to Black Americans or atleast Black Californians?


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16 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:


I was searching the videos you posted.........

Can you direct me to the minute-marks where it is confirmed that Reparations are here and ready to be mailed out or passed out to Black Americans or atleast Black Californians?


That caption under the Video is not my words but the name of the youtube link.....

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