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But For Real Though....Was The Brother Out Of Line?

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Do any of you think this brother was out of pocket...or just straight up assholish....for talking to the sister in such a harsh manner after she called up his show seeking advice?

I'm a man and his jabs at the poor girl even had ME cringing a few times.................



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Here's what I'm noticing:

I look at this dude's channel and a few other men like him who bash Black women....

And I look at women like Cynthia G and a few other women like her who bash Black men.....

And BOTH of these groups seemingly popped up out of nowhere during the past couple of years.

And the strange thing if you go on their channels and try to offer a differing or fair opinion that is less extreme and more sympathetic to the other side your comments are either deleted outright or you're attacked first and THEN your comments are deleted.

Which tells me this is DESIGNED to make it seem as if ALL Black men feel one way and ALL Black women feel another way.

I'm wondering if these people aren't agents being purposely used to FURTHER DIVIDE our community by exacerbating tensions between men and women.

Kind of like agents who were being used to promote Trumps popularity among AfroAmericans BEFORE the election....and then most of them mysteriously "disappeared" after the election, LOL.


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Well, you're not missing a whole lot.

I think this poisonous divisiveness is being intentionally spread around our community because I'm seeing a lot of seemingly Black men with money popping up out of nowhere pushing a lot of anti-female rhetoric.  I'm wondering where they all came from and how they got to be so wealthy.

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I think this stuff is created because a lot of people watch it and it generates revenue as a result.  


Sure, if some diabolical white boys hatched a plan where they funded unscrupulous Brothers to demean Black women we would see little difference.


The question really is why videos of Black people dissing each other be so lucrative. I think the only thing we can do is ignore this type of content and share the things we think are positive.




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Ofcourse our giving attention to it feeds into it to a certain extent, but if there is an active plot to cause division among our people then simply ignoring it isn't enough.

It's like ignoring the plot to flood the ghetto with dope because you have no plans to sell it or use it yourself.
But look at the ramifications it has had on the ENTIRE community regardless of ones involvement!

We must actively OPPOSE this in order to stamp it out or young and inexperienced in life or the less intelligent will easily succumb to it and fall victim to it.

And trust me, just like the flooding of the ghetto with drugs the problem you seek to ignore will eventually come back to bite you whether it's in the form of your daughter not being able to find a good Black husband or some Black woman ramming your car in a grocery store parking lot angry over what she just saw and heard in one of these hateful videos.

All it takes for evil to flourish in a society is for good people to do absolutely nothing.  It will flourish and take on a life of it's own because it is met with no resistance.

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Well, again, I don't buy into the idea that white people are behind the creation of videos like this. But even if they were behind the video our reaction would still need to be the same we cannot support the type of content that is divisive.


For example, I do not think that Amazon's stated goal is to destroy all black-owned bookstores, web-based and brick-and-mortar. But Amazon's behavior is indistinguishable from a company who's goal it is to destroy black on book stores.


As a result, I behave as if that is Amazon's goal.


Part of my strategy is ignoring, boycotting, Amazon. That is not the same thing as doing "absolutely nothing." Boycotting Amazon actually takes effort.


But again the real problem are the people who use Amazon. If they do not understand why Amazon's Monopoly is so problematic for Black books then Amazon's ability to hurt our stores they strengthened especially the web-based stores. So not only do I boycott Amazon I also try to help people understand why they are so bad.


So we have to do both @Pioneer1 we can't feed the trolls (ignore, boycott) and we have to help people understand what trolls are and why they are bad.


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You're right, we have to do BOTH....not feed them but also oppose their rhetoric so that those who are susceptible to it don't fall victim.


Stated goal or not, I think Am*zon IS trying to shut down Black businesses by the way.............
But they're trying to do it in a back-handed way.

You see White Supremacy operates in the collective.
As a team.

When large mega-corps like Wal-mart and Am*zon suck up the oxygen from smaller businesses you may THINK that the White ones are affected as well but most small White business are SUPPORTED by the White Supremacy system and protected from being shuttered.....OR...if they are closed down it was just part of the plan anyway and those owners are given money and resources to operate in another field somewhere else.

But when Black businesses are closed.....they're closed.  Lights out.


Small Business Facts: Black Business Owners Hit Hard By Pandemic – SBA's  Office of Advocacy

        "Oh well....I tried".



Like Chris Rock said.....
Black people get FIRED...White people get TRANSFERED....lol.


You to into a Home Depot and one of the White employees calls you a "n*gger" and you make a complaint about it and you think he's fired from that store.  Then a couple months later you go to a Home Depot on another side of town and you see that SAME White man stacking boxes in a corner somewhere staring back at you with a red face and a dirty look....lol.

They don't get fired (unless they're costing the company serious money), they get TRANSFERED to another location.


But you have to know and understand the system of White Supremacy in order to understand this strategy.

This is why our brother Neely Fuller Jr. (who is 91 years old and is still going on as strong as ever doing interviews) said that if you do not understand White Supremacy....what it is and HOW IT WORKS....everything else you do understand will confuse you.

Meaning you....as a small business owner....won't be able to understand how large mega corporations that SEEM to negatively impact all small businesses including White ones can be apart of some "racist plot".   You just won't be able to understand it, even though the RESULT will be manifested.

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14 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

When large mega-corps like Wal-mart and Am*zon suck up the oxygen from smaller businesses you may THINK that the White ones are affected as well but most small White business are SUPPORTED by the White Supremacy system


I believe this is mostly correct as a business owner this has been my observation. You know the old adage, "when white folks catch a cold Black folks die." 


We can't match to majority culture in terms of access to capital, education, networks, etc. Black folks support is often limited or non-existent. 

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You believe what I said because you went by your PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

But many Black people who haven't had that experience and just went by their own reasoning would doubt what I said because it wouldn't make any sense to them.



Short Jewish Gal: September 2011

"Ha, ha,haaaa....that's bullshit
We're all in the same boat!
Small White businesses are suffering
just like the others.  You crazy!!!"


They wouldn't be able to fathom a system so organized and disciplined. 
They just wouldn't believe it.....until they EXPERIENCED it.


If you look at the Stimulus Bill they're arguing over right now, it has some provision that protects "small" businesses worth over 1 million dollars but doesn't protect those UNDER a million!
These are the little sneaky games they play to undermine Black businesses and get them to fail.
It's not just ONE thing, it's  many little tricks and schemes and scams.

Sometimes they'll just send an inspector into your business to see if you're up to code or if you have separate restrooms for men and women and continue to fine you for every little infraction until they run you out of business.

Meanwhile a 75 year old white woman has a picture-framing shop across the street that has been there for 38 years and you NEVER saw anyone go in or out of her door....except her.  Yet she somehow remains open and is always smiling and waving at you when you walk by!

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This is true, but where did she get the money to OWN the property?
If the rent is high and she's not getting any customers so how is she able to afford to keep up the property she owns to stay in business?

This thing is deep man.
You have a lot of wealthy Caucasians whom....if you interact with them....realize that individually they aren't very smart and not nearly as smart as you are, so have you ever sat down and wondered how were they able to generate so much wealth?

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