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@MissKorang would you believe after 15 years of maintaining a blog, I've decided to give it up. My last blog post was October 26, 2020 and I explain why I stopped.


I did not stop because I thought Blogs were useless it is just that most of what I have to say I share on these forums, in AALBC articles, or my newsletter, all of which get far more traction than my Blog.  WordPress was also beginning to get on my nerves.  I code HTML from scratch and WordPress's editor was more difficult to use!


Then there is the SEO: My blogs posts simply don't rank as high in search as the same content on a regular AALBC page.


Finally, and this may be the most important thing, all the energy and attention goes to social media today.  I think this is a really bad thing, because social media has yet to replicate what a good Blog can provide.  One of the primary reason for this trend is the bloggers themselves.


Bloggers invest way too much time and energy on social media giving away free content and being driven more by likes and shares on social rather than getting people over to actually read their Blog posts.  It is a lesson AALBC learned years ago and is the primary reason I spend very little time on social media. 


MissKorang, share you blog's URL here.    

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