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Santa Claus DOES Exist (a philosophical exercise)

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2 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

All this stuff about genetics and concepts is besides the fact.

I know you reject science (genetics) and the meaning of words (concepts) when They don’t fit into your worldview.


Both are mere inconveniences that you willingly reshape or reject out right to support a belief.


It does not matter, for example, that science tells us there is only one human race.  You have previously share articles that stated this explicitly but somehow you misread them to believe they supported the idea that there are multiple human races as defined by our genes. 

1 hour ago, Delano said:

@Troyteaching and learning is a two way street. But where is the Stop or Yield signpost 

I’ll never give up on my brothers man. You peeped how pioneer finally acknowledged that he would rather live in 2021 than 1821 or even 1921. Baby steps man, baby steps...

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Come on man, don't try that nickle-n-dime jive on me...lol

You're ATTEMPTING to shift the focus away from your recent ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of multiple races...and towards the DEFINITION of  "race" which is a discussion that could go on for 6 more pages without a solid agreement.

This one was made CRYSTAL clear.

After YEARS of denying the existence of MULTIPLE races (like you just did again) you finally agreed with me that they DO exist.

How?  Because:

1. You acknowledged that Social Constructs exist.
2. You acknowledged that Race is a Social Construct
3. You acknowledged that multiple Races are multiple Social Constructs.


Add it all up and it = You acknowledge that MULTIPLE RACES exist.



Grab the glasses!

Grab a bucket of ice!


Turn on some Gap Band and Jodeci!

Break out the Cold Duck!

Toss me a pack of Zig-zags!


This song's for you man.........Trouble T-Roy:




....it's like that yall.

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