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Using Sex to Push Gay Products to the Wrong People

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I was reviewing a newly created page on my cell phone. Google inserted this advertisement for the “manscaped” product.


In my book, any time you have to preface a product with the word “man” then it’s not really a product made for men.


This banner ad makes that completely obvious. 

Why am I being served this ad? Have I been spending too much time promoting books by gay writers on this site?


It is a dumb ad.



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The history of marketing is expanding your base by creating a demand. People need food water and shelter. Everything else is a luxury but we are conditioned from an early age to see non necessities otherwise.


Take a look at the shops in your neighbourhood. Every supermarket has one or two aisles of food and one aisle of snacks another aisle for sodas. Which have little to no nutritional value. 

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I admit I'm not the most up-to-date on the latest homo-erotic paraphernalia, but I'm not sure what this ad has to do with "gay" men in specific.

It looks like some sort of electric shaving device that I presume could be used by men both gay or straight.

Perhaps it's the way the banana split is positioned, or something?

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