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"Sankofa: Born Equal Only" Press release

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Sankofa: Born Equal Only

Book One

By Beenie T. Mel



SANKOFA: BORN EQUAL ONLY is a fresh take on race and gender injustice told from the perspective of rival fraternal twins born to be the Guardians of Maat, the first Queen to rise to the throne in the kingdom of Axindar in a post-apocalyptic medieval Africa, where the future of our technology shapes the past of our time.




About the Author

Ben (Beenie) Tekle Mel is an African writer, a member of the global south, and a close ally of peoples degraded by racist ideas and policies. His works in both fiction and non-fiction center around the black experience, and when he is not writing, he is engaged in social activism and antiracist movements like the Black Lives Matter and Pan-Africanism movements with fellow activists who are striving to equal and empower racial, economic and gender differences of all kinds. Beenie divides his time between New York City, California, and Addis Abeba.


Sankofa: Born Equal Only is available in softcover and eBook everywhere books are sold. Visit The Sankofa Trilogy – BenMel (benteklemel.com)for more.




Sankofa: Born Equal Only

By Beenie T. Mel

Book baby Publishing

May 2021

$9.99 E-book

$25.99 Softcover book

ISBN: 978-0-9995346-2-5 (H) 

E-book: 978-0-9995346-3-2




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