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Another. Black. Man. Murdered. By. Racist. Police.

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In  Louisiana. Black. Man. Was. Murdered. By. Racist. White. Troopers.  They. Tried. To. Cover. It. Up.  Video. Show. He. Was,Tortured. Beaten. Dragged. Louisiana. FBI.  Investigating. ,Police,Reform. Bill. Will. Accomplish. Nothing. Racist. White. Police Are. Racist. Before. They. Put. On. A. Police. Uniform.....News. Not ,Showing. Police. Wearing. Klan. Hoods. In. Florida. 2009 ,They. Were ,Fired. Picture. Of. A. Racist. White. Police. Officer. Giving. A. Hitler ,Nazi. Salute. At. A. Klan. Rally.  Racist. White. Police. Saying. Nigger ,,On. Tape...This. Not. On. The. News. Democrats. Not. Talking. About. This. On. The. News. White. Democrats. Control. Black. ,,Democrats. .Palestine. Israel. At. War. ,Don't. Care. Israel. Is. As. Evil   As. Middle East. Terrorist. ........

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Another Black man beaten to death by a pack of racists.

Unfortunately this is not new.
Infact, I think they are showing it more and more to "normalize" it in the psyche of the public to TRY and get then used to it.

As far as the situation in the so-called Middle East.............

That land belongs to neither the Israeli people NOR the Filusteeni people.
Both groups are migrants who migrated to that land in different periods of time to occupy it.
There were many others who did so also, like Greeks, Turks, Romans, ect...

The ORIGINAL people of that land were a Black people called the Kena'ani people, and many of them STILL live on that land in various pockets.
The Bible records them as "Canaanites" and talks about the Israelites coming into their land, slaughtering them, and occupying it.

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