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Is There Not A Cause? written by Nathaniel Terrell Book review request

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My name is Nathaniel Terrell. I am the author of a collection of poems titled, Is there not a cause, and I am requesting a book review. My book was published April 7th of this year by Atmosphere Press.  ISBN 9781637529300




Is there not a cause is a powerful collection of poems that speak from the heart and soul of a pure artist. The content in this book is made of songs, stories, deep reflection, love, pain, prose, monologues and anthems.

The author uses time and experiences, social/political climates around the world, failure, imagination and a creative spirit that asks some hard questions to paint vivid portraits of various scenes of life. This dynamic manuscript was written over a span of six years. It is relevant and relatable and will not disappoint. Treat yourself to this thought provoking work of literary art

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