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Sha'Carri on her way to Tokyo

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WOW! She's fast.


Also, I have just read another article that sort of answers my questions about her wild selection in her appearance. She is gay. And relies on her girlfriend for her choice in various hair color. 


 Sha'Carri Richardson powers to women's 100m win at 2021 USATF Golden Games | NBC Sports - YouTube


Sha'Carri Richardson, history maker | FEATURE | World Athletics



Sha'Carri Richardson runs wind-aided 10.64 in 100m semifinals at US Trials  | World-Track and Field Website




Sha'Carri Richardson on Twitter: "How much is the ticket?… "



Fraser-Pryce to clash with American upstart Richardson, Asher-Smith in 2021  Diamond League opener











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Biles' small pony tail does not compare to Richardson's long mop.  There is no way that Biles could complete with that on her head -- it would simply get in the way and probably be dangerous.  Biles would not be able to compete with Richardson's finger mails.


Knowing what you know about aerodynamics @Delano, do you think that Richardson's hair has zero impact on time?  Now Richardson may be so much better than everyone else that any negative impact will not make a difference, but If I were racing I would pull may hair back -- split seconds count in sprints.


As a former gymnast, it is amazing to see someone doing a triple twisting double back in the layout position.  The wrestling mats we used to tumble on have been replaced by the equivalent of a trampoline. Still, Biles is the best female gymnast ever.

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Simone Biles is nice....

Gymnast Simone Biles Aims to Make History at 2016 Olympics - ABC News



Super Simone! Biles Soars to Olympic All-Around Title - Bloomberg

She's got a pretty face.

But like Sha'Carri...she's a little too masculine with all of those muscles popping out.
That meat is a little too tough for me to chew..lol.

I don't want a woman with a harder body than mine.

Now I'm looking at something VERY nice right now.

If you want to see BEAUTY IN MOTION check out this sexy chocolate piece of candy on the tennis court at Wimbledon named SLOAN STEPHENS



sloane stephens under armour,Free delivery,OFF74%,welcome to buy!  Image) Tennis Stunner Sloane Stephens Shows Off Playful Side & Hot Figure!  | CaughtOffside

Now she's JUST RIGHT.

She's got the pretty face, and nice toned feminine chocolate body....to too muscular.

Biggie Smalls said:  She got it goin' on.




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On 6/27/2021 at 6:29 PM, Delano said:

I am not certain but the adrenaline boost my cancel out the wind drag. 


Okay, I guess my imagination is going astray--but I keep thinking this is pun... Why am I laughing...



Yes, who doesn't love to watch Simone! 

And, I have a few other favorites in this sport.


Also, Allyson Felix made the Olympic team! That is amazing.

She is so awesome.







Allyson Felix is heading to the Tokyo Olympics this year, having qualified for two events in the trials and nearly making a third. As part of the 400m singles and the 4x400m relay, she aims to add more medals to her already illustrious career and is set to become the most decorated athlete in US history.  


"Keep Speaking Up"- Allyson Felix Makes a Bold Statement Ahead of Tokyo Olympics 2021 - EssentiallySports


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Looks like your girl Shari'carri won't be competing in the Tokyo Olympics!
Apparently she tested positive for marijuana use and they aren't allowing her to compete.

Update! Shari'Carri Richardson Won't Be Allowed To Compete At the Olympics. | REAL 92.3 (iheart.com)

I'm not sure what marijuana use has to do with your ability to run or not.  It's not as if it's a performance enhancer.
If anything I would think it would SLOW you down..lol.

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She broke the rules but if should receive any punishment it should be a FINE....not a suspension and prevention from participation. 

I also heard that her mother recently died so perhaps that was part of her way in dealing with the grief.

Marijuana isn't a performance enhancing drug so this punishment was far too excessive for this young lady.

She and others should definitely PROTEST this decision.

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On 6/28/2021 at 12:35 PM, Pioneer1 said:

She's got a pretty face.

But like Sha'Carri...she's a little too masculine with all of those muscles popping out.
That meat is a little too tough for me to chew..lol.




@Pioneer1 I read awhile back that Simone was bothered by that when she was young, but WOW! She sure turned out to be awesome!

Also, I think that when she is dressed in everyday attire, she looks very lady-like, imo. 

As for Sha'Carri, I think that she looks muscular when she has worked out, and one of those kind of athletes, even men, that when not working out, their muscles seems to soften. 


I have never heard of the tennis player you posted! 

But because of your comment, I would love to share another amazing athlete that you might appreciate. Her name is Nia Dennis and seems to be the kind of Black female athlete who has a physical appearance like the tennis player you shared.


Nia Dennis, at one time, was hoping to make it to the Olympics, but did not get that far. However, she is awesome and received a lot of attention for her talent! 

I will post more about her in a new thread.



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Well it's about the TOTAL package.

It's one thing to have big well toned muscles as a female athlete.  That's understandable.  But if you have a big butt, wide hips, or a nice pretty face then those feminine features will OFF-SET that muscular masculinity.

But Sha'Carri has a rather masculine looking face in my opinion, which doesn't offset her muscular physique.


Simone on the other hands has a nice pretty face that OFF-SET her muscular body.

Like Serena Williams, who also has a pretty face and big butt that OFF-SET her huge muscular arms and shoulders.

Nia Dennis doesn't look very muscular to me.
She looks like the typical feminine female athlete, though she does have an attractive face.


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That's what I'd be concerned with...
I'm not gonna get with any woman so strong and skilled that she could put moves on me that I can't easily get out of.

I'm not into the S&M.

She's probably got some special muscles down there that would grab "it" and not let it go until SHE'S ready to let go....lol

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I did not get to watch much of the Olympics, but I did here in the news that one of my favorites, Allyson Felix faired very well!

Also, another of my all time favorites, the Jamaican track star, Shelly Anne Fraiser-Pryce did well! Her teammate took the gold Herah and is now known as the fastest women on the track field! And she put the propaganda of Sha'carri to rest.


A few days later all of the track stars competed in the Prefontaine classic and Sha'carri came in dead last. 




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On 9/3/2021 at 12:22 PM, Pioneer1 said:

That competition on the track seemed to set off a bit of a back-n-forth between some AfroAmericans and Jamaicans on social media.
It was crazy.


Oh My Gosh! Really!? @Pioneer1

That is terrible. My Brother-in-law is Jamaican! Therefore, some of my nephews are Jamaican! And pretty boys too!

Well, I won't listen to that crap. Those Jamaican track girls are some of my all time favorites!


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I agree.
I'm a PanAfricanist and believe both groups should come together for the betterment of the Black race. 
However you have a lot of people in the ADOS and FBA movements who don't like Africans or Caribbeans and a few even go around the internet stirring up trouble between the two.

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