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It was released last night. You can order directly or get a free copy

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Last night I took the plunge and released the premiere issue of Clarence the Cabbie Confidential. Mommy Be So Mean She Takes My Money is available to the general public. It’s a spin off from the series Danielle the Girl From News York. You can still get a free copy at http://Daniellegfny.com/freemommy or buy a copy for $2.99 https://www.paypal.com/instantcommerce/checkout/ML999L4TEKUAJ



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Guest Ira Davis

When released, I also will buy a copy. I ordered the download. I recently released a book of poetry. One poem from the book. Pandemic Poem - Pandemic And in the end of days, the people were all stricken by Fear From a virus named after a Beer There was no toilet paper to be found of any Brand Something I personally didn’t Understand I thought to buy so much you would have to be a Nut Apparently no one wanted to die with a dirty Butt The villagers and their children were told to stay Home Some quarantined and not allowed to Roam A lot of churches had no faith and closed up Fast You know it’s a pandemic when they won’t take your Cash I ask you, is life so precious that we dare question the LORD? To discount His powers is a price we can’t Afford As with other pandemics that didn’t Last Trust in GOD and this also will come to Pass....... website: www.id-books.org. E-book and Paperback Available.

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