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Guest Bud Bentsen

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Guest Bud Bentsen

Why did so  many African Americans believe, falsely, that they have native American DNA?  Mos african Americans are the sons & daughters of RAPED SLAVES.  They are as whute as my Norwegian family thar escaoed The third Reichs killing of 1of every10 men  in Lista, Norway.  Norwegians hate this TRUMP racusm amd vomit when liars like Trump call  Norwegians likemyvdad and hus alk blondr haired blue eyed siblings,(8) escaped to yhe USA in 1936?  Notway shits on Trump.  He is a racist, Norwegians are not!

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The fact is MOST AfroAmericans actually DO have Native American ancestry.

Probably not as much as many claim, but we do have a significant amount and can usually trace it back to which Ancestor.

Many Blk folks today are claiming to be THE ORIGINAL Native Americans...which I find to be problematic because it's generating more enemies.

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