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Is Terrence Howard Mad?

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I dunno, but either this guy is a genius or nuts.  The Oxford Union proves a tremendous platform for his to express his theories. 


In the past Oxford Union hosted Brothers like Jimmy Baldwin and Malcolm X.  



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I haven't watched the video yet because of timing.....

However I do remember Terrence Howard going on a few talk shows talking about he invented a new form of mathematics.

Again, I haven't seen the video YET....but I wouldn't be surprised at his findings.  AfroAmericans and Blk people in general are creative by nature and we're constantly coming up with new facts, theories, and ways of doing things in general.
AfroAmericans don't often appreciate the genius in our own ranks UNTIL a Caucasian validates them first.  

Infact, I suspect that's one of the reasons Caucasians...even the racist ones...like to keep us NEAR them in their societies, lol.
Most Caucasians just know how to do and follow the directions they were GIVEN.
But take away the directions and instructions and they're a blob of confusion and frustration.

They need us for our creativity.
You can see this on many jobs where the ones who come up with the ideas are usually Blk folks in the boardroom or lunch room.


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@Delano I'm not a trained psychiatrist, so I can't make a diagnosis, but as a layman he comes across as nutty to me. This is a perfect example of someone with a little knowledge being dangerous.  Well, I'm not saying Terrance is dangerous like Covid-19. He can potential confuse a lot of people with his ideas.


If he were speaking about acting I be very careful disputing anything he says as he is skilled and knowledgeable about the subject.


I could not watch the whole video as I don't like wasting my time, but I will check out the Q&A to see if anyone challenged his statements.  The Brits (at least their journalists) tend to be pretty direct, but I think the students will give him a pass out of politeness.  


@Pioneer1 Dude, Terrance is speaking before the Oxford Union! White folks have paid him more money than you or I will ever see.  Waddya mean, "UNTIL a Caucasian validates them first."? He already has white validation.




I decided to watch the rest of the video.  The interviewer did say he was "skeptical" about Terrance's idea (talk about a profound understatement), but he never challenged his ideas.   


Terrance said he figured out something, at 6 years of age, that Davinci could not figure out at 80.  On it's face a bold (absurd) statement, but Howards easily explains this away by saying he has been working in these theories for multiple life times -- simple. 


Howard rejects 1 x 0 = 0  because the 1 has "disappeared" and this violates the conservation of energy in physics.  He also does not like the fact that 1 x 1 =1. 


He also does not like the fact that 0.1 x 0.1 = 0.01 which means that 1 dime times 1 dime = penny! Terrance then concludes that all of math is flawed and that therefore physics and the banking system, which is based upon this math is based must also be flawed.


Terrance has ignored the units: 1 dime is equal to 10 pennies.  10 pennies times 10 pennies is equal to 100 pennies, or 1 dollar.  A grade school kid knows this, but Terrance, as the video clearly shows, does not understand this.  Every conclusion that flows from this erroneous idea is itself flawed.


Terrance can remember the square root of 2 to 15 digits, but basic math escapes him.  Again there is a difference between access to information and understanding.


What I don't understand is, why on earth did the oxford union provide such a tremendous platform for Terrance to expose this these hairbrained ideas?  I'm sure they paid him handsomely -- probably more that I make in a year.  Is this just a way for white folks to demonstrate how crazy some negros are?  Is this their way of making fun of us?


The truth is, white folks will give a nutty Black celebrity a platform before they give a sane Black non-celebrity one.


Let me know when Terrenace's "harmonic wave resequencer" has cured someone with cancer.

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12 hours ago, Troy said:

I could not watch the whole video as I don't like wasting my time, but I will check out the Q&A to see if anyone challenged his statements.


12 hours ago, Troy said:

I decided to watch the rest of the video. 

I watched a few minutes then a couple of questions. Yeah I am good.

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Ok, I watched nearly all of the video.


I'm not a mathematician so I'm not sure how correct he is in most of his statements.  Many of the more simple calculations exercises he asked the audience to do seemed to be correct but I'm not sure about the more complex statements he made.


There are 3 things in his presentation I found problematic:


1. He didn't come very prepared. 
No power point or projector period. He holds up some big bulky pattern for a few minutes then goes to a trunk rambling through items that he gets but doesn't pass around or even mention much.  This make him look a bit confused and unsure of what direction he's trying to take the presentation.



2. When asked direct questions that challenged his theories he seemed evasive trying to change the subject  several times instead of giving definite answers.  In one case he acted like he couldn't hear the question  the young man presented to challenge one of his theories and kept asking him to talk into the microphone which looked like a bit suspicious.  I've seen people do that before to evade questions.


3. Like Troy eluded to, when you talk about being able to cure AIDS and Cancer, those are serious claims that shouldn't be made lightly.  It's cruel to give people false hope when it comes to things that cause so much suffering and death.  Either you definitely can cure them or you can't.  



His examples of currency and the mathematics involved in it were also problematic for me.

At first glance what he said about a dime and .10 times .10 of a pound and it's contradictions in applied math made sense, but upon 5 minutes of thinking about it...it didn't.

It looked like the White dude on stage and many of the White people in the audience were WINKING and SMILING at eachother as if they were "taking the piss" (as they say in England) at his expense.  As if they brought him there for entertainment purposes in the first place.
But perhaps that may have just been the way I was reading their reactions.

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