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Diet could effect coronavirus risk

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This is an informative article so thanks for posting it.


I think it is amazing that we can boost our immune 

systems by eating more healthy foods, and that 

we can even fend off a severe case of COVID.


Most plant-based foods are not that expensive so

there’s no valid reason why people are not eating

more of them.  I understand that everyone doesn't

have access to fresh produce but most people do 

and we can even grow some of our own.


This is a great motivator for us to eat better.




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I thought this was just common sense....

Ofcourse eating a proper diet full of nutrients will make you healthier, strengthen your immune system, and make you more resistant against diseases of all sorts.

This one of the reasons the racists try to keep "food deserts" in most Black communities and even in some Black nations.
They promote a diet of junk foods and "plastic" foods with no nutritional value to heal you so that you are more likely to get sick and buy THEIR medicines.

If you noticed....
Most of the oldest people in the country happen to be AFROAMERICANS.
Most of those over 100 are AfroAmericans more so than any other race or group.

Black folks who grew up down South and ate off of what THEY grew and raised themselves lived a lot longer and were much healthier than a lot of Black folks who grew up in the city eating what the Caucasians put out today like  Doritos, chili cheese fries, nachobell grandes and shit.

Black folks down South even had their own medicines called HOODOO where they would prepare roots and herbs to heal themselves.

Even delivered their own babies by midwives without the aid of a Caucasian doctor or nurse pumping the mother and the baby full of toxins.
Now they CLAIM (if we can believe them) that the infant mortality rate for Black babies was higher then than today....but even if we were to BELIEVE that.....the children who lived were much stronger and healthier than a lot of these slop-pots running around in the streets today.

You didn't hear about as many Black children being obese, having autism, asthma, and other problems.
They may have been buck-toothed  but they could run 10 miles straight and never got sick.


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