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U.S. Economic Recovery is Unequal for Black People


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According to NBC, Black workers were the only racial or ethnic

group whose unemployment rate increased overall in August.

The nation’s economic recovery is still unequal for Black workers






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I don't blame people for collecting the checks if it pays more than some funky service industry job with a red-faced White man yelling at you and got your running back and forth across a greasy kitchen floor slinging hot french fries all over the place.

They are trying to use the workers as GUINEA PIGS....to push them back into the economy and see how many will get sick and drop dead before GDP drops.

They have it already calculated how many will die, get too sick and disabled to work, and how many will be temporarily sick and still be able to work.
They are gonna TRY to keep this economy rolling no matter how many drop dead.

The question is, how many Black folks are stupid enough to go to hell with them to keep their economy propped up.


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Despite THOUSANDS of people dying from this virus every day......

And despite many many MORE THOSANDS who are getting so sick from it they can't work......


They INSIST on keeping this economy operating and refusing to shut down all non-essential establishments to try to get this Pandemic under control.

And like toddling little idiots, you got millions of people going right along with it trying their best to "get back to normal" as if "normal" was working out so well for them even before the Pandemic.



Poor old African american homeless man - Jay Harold

"Man, I sho' wish this society would hurry up and

open back up so we can all get back to normal!


Why in the WORLD would most Black men want this society to "get back to normal" any way?
What was so great about THIS society's version of "normal" for most of us?

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