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Dear Secret Lover

Dee Miller

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I will be publishing a book of letters, and I’d like to give you a taste of the letters that I’ve compiled.  All feedback is appreciated. 


I took the long way home just so that I could take the scenic route into your soul. On my way, I caught a glimpse of loneliness as I passed through the supplemental vessels that run wild.  Then I came to rest at the upper left side of your chest. I felt a sense of love and warmth as our hearts became harmoniously synchronized.

I stayed there a while - until I felt your heart beat faster. To keep the pace, I traveled up and down your spine; slowed you down;  made you blush;  confused your mind in a good way. Then I brought  you down to avoid the point of no return. We held on tight.

 When was the last time you were…? Up and down your tibia, up and down your esophagus, up and down your tibia, down to your phalanges, wrapped around your large intestines. Then back up through your membrane. I stopped at your lips where we played tantra with our breath.


I’ll take the long way home, but I will return tomorrow to address the unaddressed -  at your address on the second floor - Be undressed.

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