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Video and Chat Transcript of the Community Conversation: Black Books in the Age of the Coronavirus - 3/25/2020


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Dear Reader,

You’ve received this email because you’ve registered for our community conversation; Black Books in the Age of the Coronavirus.

Approximately 300 supporters joined us for all, or part, of this historic conversation. I’m sharing the video and the chat transcript, of our video conference. You’ll see and hear from booksellers, many legendary, from all over the country.

If you are not already subscribed to AALBC’s newsletter, your email address, p******@e******.com has been added. We use will it to send notifications of future conversations. We also send 1 to 4 emails, each month, chock full of information related to Black books. The “The 97 Most Critically Acclaimed Books of 2019,” shown below, is an example of a great list of books shared in our most recent newsletter.

If you do not want to receive the AALBC newsletter simply click the Unsubscribe at the top (or bottom) of this message, and your email address will be permanently removed from our list (it can not be added back).


The Most Critically Acclaimed Books on our list have earned multiple honors including; winning an award; making our bestsellers list; or being selected for inclusion on prominent book club reading list. Our list is continuously evolving as we incorporate additional sources to help readers discover the best books available.

Our list spans 80 years and includes over 1,000 books! This is one of the best pages, on AALBC, to discover your next great read enjoy 

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