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50 Audio Books You'll Love - Discover Books by Category - Bookstore Info - 7/14/2020


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“I clutched my pearls through this page-turning read that’s laugh-out-loud funny—she’s a ki-ki, darling! It’s equally heartbreaking, suspenseful, and always fast-paced. The category is: legendary.” —Billy Porter

“Jay has a singular voice which manages to be indulgent and gossipy, while still incredibly smart and sharp.” —Vanessa Williams

Learn more Jay Manuel’s Site (Published by Wordeee)


AALBC Sells a Curated List of 1,000’s of Audiobooks. Your first audiobook is free. Here are 50 of the most recently published.

Audiobooks on AALBC are sold in partnership with Libro.fm. Membership is only $14.99/month after your free one month trail period. Choose one audiobook every month. Cancel anytime and keep your audiobooks forever.

Switch from Audible to Libro.fm, you’ll support AALBC and get two audiobooks for the price of one when you start your membership. That’s two audiobooks for $14.99 when you use the code SWITCH.


AALBC has books organized in over 1,500 different categories. If you’d like to find a book similar to one you’ve previously enjoyed, looking up books in the same or a related category is a great way to do it.

Use our, Page to Find Books by Category, to find book in categories ranging from African American Art to Zombies.


Dear Reader,

In recent weeks, a list of Black-owned bookstores, that has been maintained on AALBC for more than 20 years, has been referenced, copied, remixed, and circulated all over the world wide web. What AALBC maintains is really much more than a mere listing, as I’ve personally visited many of the stores, recorded video, and created detailed pages describing each store. My hometown store Sister’s Uptown Bookstore in New York City and Underground Books, on the other side of the country, are just two examples.

People often ask; “Why do you promote your competitors?” The reason is readers, writers, publishers, indeed booksellers, all benefit when there are many platforms sharing our stories. Every bookseller is different and that difference is good. When a single bookseller dominates we are not well served at all.

If you agree, please consider supporting this newsletter by volunteering to pay for your subscription. If you have already paid for an annual subscription, thank you on behalf of AALBC and the writers (and booksellers) whose work you are helping to support and celebrate.

Peace and Love,
Troy Johnson
Founder & Webmaster, AALBC.com


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★ AALBC.com eNewsletter – July 14, 2020 - Issue #296

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