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Halle "One Drop" Berry

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“I believe in the one-drop theory,” Halle Berry says in the latest issue of Ebony. She makes that statement to explain why she considers her daughter, who has three white grandparents, to be black. "I want Black people to know that I haven’t abandoned them because I’ve had a child with a man outside of my race and I’m dating someone now outside my race who is Spanish and French."

A few thoughts:

"Spanish" and "French" are not races but nationalities.

White is not "outside my race" for someone who is half white.

The concept of "outside" presumes race as a boundary for human interaction.

When Berry was born, the one-drop rule was still the law of the land in the state of Virginia, under the infamous Racial Integrity Act.


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That was pretty stupid. I’m shocked to hear Halle make such ignorant remarks. First of all, why would black people feel “abandoned” by anything she does? And what impact does anything in her personal life have on the everyday life activities of the average black American? WTF?? I have nothing against this woman and I believe she is free to date whomever she pleases and should not have to explain nor defend her personal life to anyone for any reason. But again, what makes her think black people would feel abandoned by what she does in her personal life. Can anyone explain this…..?

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I have always heard rumors and read accounts about how unstable and vindictive Halle can be when it comes to her love life. Her first husband Dave Justice gave an extensive interview after their divorce, and in it he dispelled any notions of her being sweet and innocent, saying her habit of embracing the victim role was bogus, and that she had run him through a wringer during their marriage. According to the tabloids her second husband Eric Benet said that he was forced to agree that he was a sex addict during their marriage because he strayed from the fold when she felt he was just using his wife for sex.

No matter what this drama queen proclaims, she is bi-racial and her daughter is of mixed parentage. Halle did say once that early on her white mother told her that society would consider her black so she should be prepared to go through life as a black woman....

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Let me preface this by stating how much I love Halle Berry.

I'm a huge Halle fan from when she first started on "Knots Landing"

and no one knew she was biracial.

(1) I think Halle wanted a sperm donor. I think she wanted her offspring

to look a certain way and deliberately sought a MALE MODEL who is not Black

to procreate with. If she wanted a black baby, she would have just gotten

pregnant by one of her black husbands.

(2) Halle doesn't want to pay "Child Support" for 6 months out of the year

to Gabriel Aubry. That is what I believe this is all about. I don't buy for

one second that Gabriel is "racist." If he did call her the "n" word, then

that's just part of being a couple. God knows I've called my White friends

"peckerwood dog-smell'n mofo" and yet I love them dearly. I understand

what Halle is doing and I still like her. But I don't buy this scenario.

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We live in a very stupid country when it comes to issues of "race". We classify each other based one's appearance rather than their geneaology.

We already know there is only one race. But people are stupid and will fight any argue over the whole concept.

If you look at the census categories, over time, it is mess with folks ultimately picking any "race" they want.

That guy Homer Plessey, who was only 1/8 Black, could not sit in a train with other so called "white" people. The case went to the supreme court -- assinine.

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We live in a very stupid country when it comes to issues of "race". We classify each other based one's appearance rather than their geneaology.

Don't fool yourself Troy. The U.S. is not the only country that obesses over skin color, ethnicity and race......TRUST ME!

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Don't fool yourself Troy. The U.S. is not the only country that obesses over skin color, ethnicity and race......TRUST ME!

Oh definitely not.

HUMANS base their trust upon Like-ness. It's a natural human instinct.

We herd, gather with & trust those who look like us.

So this is of major importance even if it's not spoken aloud.

The Homer Plessy case is extreme. That, to me, was ridiculous, because he actually

LOOKED white.

But in Africa, we don't call our mixed off spring "Black"--we call them "Half Caste"

and we have all kinds of Standards & Practices to protect our bloodlines; matrilineal

harmony and tribal-clan identities.

Africans deeply love their mixed children; they love mixed people for that matter. But they will not recognize them as the 'ancestral' marker out of self-respect.

I remember feeling so angry and offended when Black Americans used to call Mariah Carey a "Black" woman. To me, it was

proof that they hated Africa and hated blackness. A lack of

respect for Black people's Phenotype.

In North Sudan, I am considered Black. But in South Sudan, I am a Half-Caste person.

Then, too, the word "Black" isn't used in many parts of Africa because everyone in that

particular place is Charcoal black, so they don't speak about color...but tribe.

When outsiders arrive, THEN we use "black" because now we have a visible contrast.

Halle Berry said that she was very hurt that the people in

Tanzania kept insisting that she was "White" and called her

"White Lady" everywhere she went. But to Black Africans, the

European in her face is loud; she has no African hair; so

she is White.

It's not just America. It's a human condition. But the more I've lived & seen the world,

the more I understand and respect why it's necessary. And on some level, it is.

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Xeon, Kola, you are both right. I did not mean to imply the the US is unique.

I do not however agree that it is "necessary" on any level. But it is what it is. I was born on a particular side and I'm forced to the defend the rights of my team. And I like the team on on too. :-)

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Xeon, Kola, you are both right. I did not mean to imply the the US is unique.

I do not however agree that it is "necessary" on any level. But it is what it is. I was born on a particular side and I'm forced to the defend the rights of my team. And I like the team on on too. :-)

To the extent that Army uniforms are necessary....

That United airlines must mark its airplanes with a United

airlines logo...

To that extent that AALBC.COM has a logo making it possible to

tell this site from BLackBooks.Com....

....I have come to understand via traveling and living all over the world

exactly why Human beings LABEL things and why they need to be able to identify

their own. It has to do with trust and survival.

Americans are not part of Tribes or Clans. I am. So I understand the

benefits and negatives of having that cushion along with a family cushion.

I understand how it protects us from invasion and outsiders.

I especially notice that Black Americans don't stand for anything.

Anyone can waltz right into your communities and open a liquor store; claim to

be you; set up restaurants and sell you hair. No other group of people is like

that and they ALL have "standard requirements" of identification and unity.

EMOTIONAL mantras like "One Love" won't cause Thai people to call your half-Asian

baby Thai----as Tiger Woods found out--no matter what you accomplish.

Africans, Whites, Asians, Latinos will smile politely...but close ranks...on

outsiders at a given point.

This is not because they're evil or racist. It's because they understand the

law of Physics and they understand that Lions and Cheetahs and Panthers don't

hunt together and share food together and mate....just because they're cats.

Because Black Americans saved my life...

Because Black Americans are beautiful & special to me...

Because Black Americans are VALUABLE to me....

I would like to see them be more discriminating and self-possessed and make

outsiders EARN entry into the Black community more often.

And before someone gets smart....I was BROUGHT HERE by Black Americans; I did

not come on my own. I was brought here & indoctrinated into your tribe BY YOU.

My criticism of Black America is because I hate watching African-Americans

constantly DEFER to anything that is white, light or Non-Africoid...wrongly

believing that you have a Stake in the establishment when you clearly do

not and aren't even properly respected as human beings.

No other people in this nation are asked to "transcend race" but Black Americans.

No one else.

Not even African immigrants!

And you shouldn't stand for it. You NEED a uniform; you NEED to embrace your blackness

and close ranks on outsiders and build up with an inter-connected Clan system that

benefits YOU and YOUR PEOPLE.

That's what you need.

And cut out all this emotional Mr. Rogers Camel Shit about HUMANITY.

Humanity doesn't give a shit about human beings and never has. If you haven't learned

from Jews baking in ovens; Indians massacred on their own land or Africans chained

& dehumanized like dogs for thousands of years...then you'll never learn.

Black America is dying...because you refuse to have Standards & Cohesiveness that

correlate around your Blackness.

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I 'm glad we can proceed from the assumption that we both recognize that we are Black, love our Blackness and will defend our rights has human beings. That said...

Kola Chinese people, for example, don't just come into Black neighborhoods and open up restaurants, they open restaurants all over the country. Koreans open up massage parlors in places when a Negro can not be found for miles. "Cohesive groups": going into a community and opening up businesses is not unique to just Black neighborhoods.

It is about business, neither Black American (or the white ones) want to work the long, hard hours, 7 days a week preparing, delivering and serving cheap Chinese food. Those Chinese people are taking advantage of opportunities. The same way all groups have.

Mexican's dominate restaurant kitchens and lawn care. Black people dominate the NBA, rap, barbershop and hair salons.

"Black America" is not dying. Something can not die that never really existed (at least not in the sense that you are thinking). It is a cliche to say it, but it is as true today as it has always been. Blacks in America are not a monolithic group, there are multiple "clans", "tribes", and "groups".

This is like saying Homer Plessy and Harriet Tubman are the same because they are Black. They are the same in so far is that they havd to fight for equal rights in a country that treats them as both as "Blacks"

Similarly Barack Obama and I have virtually nothing in common, but we are both so called "Black" men. Indeed one could argue that Barack and I have even less in common than Tubman and Plessy because we no longer have to struggle against institutionalized racism.

I'm sure most Blacks can identify at least one white person they've meet that is more socially Black than another Black person they know. It is not just about skin color.

When Africans were brought to these shores we came from different cultures. We were no less different than someone coming from Japan or Italy. The bond was a common enemy. Remove the enemy and the need for the bond disappears.

You've been to New York City Kola, I'm sure you observed that African's and Black American rarely work together. It is not hatred, there is a great cultural barrier to over come. It is not just language as Mexican do really don't hang with Puerto Rican's in East Harlem either and Dominicans used to war with Puerto Ricans back in the day...

But bring in a common enemy and all of these disparate groups close ranks to protect their interests. The terrorist attach in New York was a perfect example. American flags were everywhere, flown by people of all colors. People recognized that they were on the same team, for a minute, and quickly pulled together despite differences in language or color.

So yeah I do think Black Americans need to transcend race. All Americans need to do it. Anything less is suboptimal for everyone here.

So while I'll fight for Black people specifically, I'm really fighting for everyone.

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Anyone can waltz right into your communities and open a liquor store; claim to be you; set up restaurants and sell you hair. No other group of people is like that and they ALL have "standard requirements" of identification and unity.

Well, not much you can say about that. It's all true. I've shaken my head all my life at the blatant failure and impotency of the American Negro for the facts stated above. She is correct, no other group on this planet is more dependent and helpless than American Negroes when it comes to entrepreneurship, political and economic self determination of their own communities. All you will ever hear is vapid excuse making, finger pointing and spurious bluster of past historical injustices. Never an intelligent nor acceptable reason why other nationalities and races fill a vacuum created in the American Negroes communities because of their inability to independently sustain themselves as other groups do (Arabs, Koreans, Latinos, Jews, Italians, Poles, Vietnamese, Africans, Chinese, et al....). But I'm sure bro Troy will come up with an acceptable mea culpa for this well known discrepancy.....

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Well, let's look at things a different way. Forget all the ol tired rhetoric. Blah, blah, blah. Yes, others minorities come into black neighborhoods and open up businesses. But what these carpetbaggers are doing is providing a service. THEY WORK FOR BLACK FOLKS, and bust their butts doing this, and how rich are they really getting? Running a business ain't exactly a piece of cake and certainly not a guarantee of gettin rich. In a bad economy, businesses are the first to suffer.

Yes, Black people are consumers. So what? All they have to do worry about is buying what they want. They have no overhead, don't have to stress about profits or losses or taxes. If they're employed they have security, and if they don't have a job, they can get unemployment or welfare. Capitalism not only enables enterprise but it also provides for the have-nots because doing so is, itself, an industry. Today, thousands of black folks are living for free in their foreclosed homes, benefitting from the backlog of evictions, and the bureacratic red tape that has white mortage companies in a state of chaos. Blacks may not have corporate expertise but they know how to work The System and are able to get over because they have learned to adapt to adversity. Some fare better than others but, that's how goes. If you're loser instead of a winner, well - that's Life.

Forget all this bullshit that utilizes the measuring sticks of the past. It's a different ball game, a new reality. Brands and ethnicity are losing their relevancy. Marriage is becoming obsolete, but having babies is rampant and a new breed is being unleashed on the population, - people who don't adhere to the old standards, a trend that will trickle down into the masses bluring color and morphing ethnicity, spawning a mutated prototye.

It's about evolution. Time brings change. Screw all of the lamentations about the way it has always been and about the way it should be. Boo-hoo-hoo. Face the truth. Coping in today's world calls for a different set of rules. If we survive 2012, the future will see the dawn of a new way of living, and those who can't go with the flow will sink. WTF. So be it. <_<

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Cynique and "work The System" we do.

Folks now how to work longer enouugh to collect unemployment for the full 99 weeks. Other folks know how to work just long enough to collect that fat Earned Income Credit Check in April.

Don't even get me started on the under ground economy!

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