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MVmedia Spotlight: The Long Walk


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Patience de Verteuil left her home in Trinidad with her father for what she thought would be a short journey to America. Instead she finds herself embroiled in a struggle between powerful supernatural forces, in which an object in her possession means the difference between defeat or victory. The Long Walk is a Steamfunk tale that will stay with you long after the final words are read.


'Milton Davis delivers a heartfelt action adventure story of Patience as she takes a long walk to find Harriet Tubman. "The Long Walk" is a robust action adventure, filled with battles, demons, and magic. What separates this story from other young adult stories is the protagonist, Patience and her relationship with her father. This connection between Patience and Papa is unique in that it is one of mentorship, love, and sacrifice. Unlike other stories, Patience and her papa doesn't dissolve in the first few pages, but Papa's dedication to his daughter and her respect for him, flows through the entire story, anchoring it in characterization. As a daddy's girl, this story strongly resonated with me.

The secondary characters of Courtney and Corliss are equally fleshed out (there is some irony here, but you will have to read it to figure it out) and help drive the story's narrative. None of them serve as mere plot points, but actual breathing alive people in Patience's world and her story. The trio of Patience, Courtney, and Corliss remind me of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter trio in that those three friends assist each other and are complements to each other. The adventure doesn't move forward without the three working together. The story's big bad is evil, full stop. The story's conclusion is brilliant, and I won't spoil it here; however, it made me quite anxious for the next installment in Milton Davis's Rite of Passage universe.

Overall, five stars.'

-Nicole Kurtz, Mocha Memories Press (https://mochamemoirspress.com/)


Read an excerpt: https://www.miltonjdavis.com/post/the-long-walk-an-excerpt


ISBN: 978-1737227779


The Long Walk





The long Walk Front Cover.jpg

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