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Can people with introverted personalities be leaders? Learn the truth in 'Quiet Voice Fearless Leader'

Guest Terrance Lee

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Guest Terrance Lee

Greetings, my name is Terrance Lee, I'm the author of a new book titled 'Quiet Voice Fearless Leader - 10 Principles For Introverts To Awaken The Leader Inside'.  The book is focused on empowering people with introverted personalities to excel at work, in business and in life.  It is also focused on educating extroverts on how to work more effectively with introverts.  


To learn more go to www.quietvoicefearlessleader.com.  Below is the book summary:


Introverts are too quiet and too weak to lead. Have you ever thought this before?

What type of person comes to mind when you think of an introvert, and what type of person comes to mind when you think of a leader? The two words are rarely linked together. Society often labels people with introverted personalities as at least one of the following: quiet, shy, reserved, or timid. While at the same time leaders are described as dominant, passionate, outgoing, and ambitious.

But what if….society has it all wrong?

Quiet Voice Fearless Leader was written to challenge the misperception held by many, that introverts can not lead. Throughout this book not only will that myth be disproven, but in fact, the case is made that an introvert in many cases is the ideal leader. Within each chapter lies a core leadership principle along with multiple pillars, that when mastered will change your life forever. Topics covered include:

  • How introverts can add value to any room
  • How to grow confidence as a public speaker
  • How to effectively lead teams as an introvert
  • How introverts can establish presence at work and in business
  • How to make difficult decisions as a leader

and much more.

If you have ever doubted yourself, or ever thought that you had to be extroverted to be successful, then this book was made with you in mind. It’s time to awaken the leader inside because the truth is; your introversion is your superpower.

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