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Can you name at least one majority black owned video gaming firm?

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I find it interesting how, Black people love video games and as someone who has a piece of paper that says engineer, I know many black engineers exists in this world. I also know many black people love games. where are the black owned gaming firms? Can you name one? 



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@Delano, thanks for posting that link. Great to read that an AfroAmerican is creating in that space.


I'm always going to be a proponent of ownership. Black folks have to think more like entrepreneurs and less like worker bees trading labor and intellectual property for a wage. 


Typically, an AfroAmerican who comes up with a video game or anything for that matter will be working for a white or foreign-owned company.


That game becomes the intellectual property of the company. The AfroAmerican will make his hourly wage, no commission or profit-sharing. The company will make a windfall of money. 


OTOH, if a white man comes up with a video game, he'll quit his job and start his own video game company. He might even take some of his former coworkers along for the ride, er, riches. 😁😎

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