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Singer Rihanna Pregnant Out of Wedlock

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I am old fashioned so I believe in being married, and I wish 

more people would commit to each other for the long-term,

but the fact is that many people just aren't getting married

anymore.  Instead they are rushing into having babies and

then not staying together and their children are the ones

who typically suffer in a single parent situation. 


While someone like Rihanna is perfectly capable of supporting

her children financially, working class women would be better

off getting married since that provides more financial security 

for children, among other benefits.


Most people don't seem to comprehend this, and so there  

will be more women emulating Rihanna, and other female

celebrities, getting pregnant without being married, ending

up raising their children alone or with some other partner

who is not the father, or various other scenarios.


We need to get back to our Christian values because

what's going on right now is not working. 


We are producing one broken generation after the next.









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Admittedly, I'm an old man but I don't see why this is newsworthy nor how it benefits black people.


I get it that famous people do whatever it takes  to maximize their 15 minutes in the spotlight. 


However, this type of information doesn't help us with dismantlng the system of white supremacy. 😎

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The issue is about the definition or usage of marriage as a communal construct. A subsidiary issue is the variance in said definition or usage in financial tiers in the black community. 

What is the definition of marriage? 

Some say it is when a man <defined as someone born with a penus> side a woman <defined as someone born with a vagina> decide to join eternally. Some say it is when a pastor as a christian church performs a ritual. Some say it is when a registration form from a government is issued. Some say it is natural law. Outside humanity, other children of earth have from ancient times lovingly or legitimately married in all forms: the entirety of life <eagles>, brave premortem <spiders> legendary multispousal <lions> proud single parenthood <tigers>, or more. I say marriage is as those involve want it to be. The imposition of the outsider to those in a marriage is the great flaw. to restate, if you wish to marry one way, why are others forced to use your method or be judged by your method. 


The usage of marriage in non humans is ancient and like humans inconsistency exists. Non humans have many examples of mating outside species so that can be deemed no other than the variable forms in humans. Over time things can change. In the same way, many lions will not have a pride their entire life or lose a pride for the remaining years of their life. A human can be married in a christian fashion, and then end their life in common law. 


SEquentially, the definition or usage of marriage doesn't have a standard, should not be viewed as something to gain concensus on or have a respectable form. It is for the marred to define or use, all others outside a marriage , if they want to do something positive, wish well, if they want to do something negative, judge or make determinants


Now, the last issue pertains well to Rihanna and that is marriage in financial tiers of the black community. History matters. For most of the post war between the states years in the usa, the financial aristocracy in the black community was over ninety percent male + christian. But today, in the year 2022, the financial aristocracy of the black community in the usa is not ninety percent male + christian. Said fiscal aristocracy has women, muslims, areligious, and yes... black people in the collage of independent or disconnected races called LGBTQ+. What does this mean for the fiscal wealthy? their attachments to the common marriage culture of black fiscal aristos dominant in the past is dead. And, in the usa, one other factor exists. The financial legality of divorce. In the usa divorce is a mess when one has money. It is a way for lawyers to make tons of money and a way for media to gain tons of clicks and should be avoided by anyone with money. But what is the only way to avoid that, while still having children, a marriage , comfortable home, is to not get married through the government or religion. And, to be blunt, absent a piece of paper from a government or clergy, if you live with someone, with the intimacy plus fights and possibly the children, that is called marriage. The good news is that using forms of marriage defined outside the christian  community or government means breaking up is easier. And anyone who has been in relationships knows, breakups can happen. 


So, I wish Rihanna side the baby, side her partner, all the best in the world. 



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4 hours ago, richardmurray said:

The issue is about the definition or usage of marriage as a communal construct.

Marriage was constructed for the benefit of women and children; to preserve bloodlines and to protect wealth.


Of course, marriage has spiraled out of control to include love, ownership, alimony and same-sex couples. 🤣


The funniest thing is the number of times some folks marry before they get it right😁😎

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She is a celebrity, so those who cover celebrities in the popular news media want to report on this. Many people eat this stuff up and exhibit strong feelings about it.

I am not going to criticize Rhianna for not getting married. The world has changed and young people's attitudes towards permanence and marriage have also changed. 

This business is between her and her boyfriend. 

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