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I Still Standing....

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.....said the immortal Tony Montana, lol.



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Just dropped by to see how everyone's doing and let you know I'm still kicking.

Been busy working over 60 hours a week and looking at various investment strategies trying to figure out a way to get myself out of poverty.
I see there's still a lot of crypto-currency talk going on in these threads lately.
When I have time I'm going to have to read a little more deeply into them.

If I have time I'll post a few comments today, but in the mean time.....peace family!

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Good Morning Pioneer!!!


I've been wondering what you were up to.


Sixty hours a week sounds like a lot, but it 

all depends on what you're doing.


My Helium Hotspot is still going, it just sits

there in the window generating income, 

freeing me up to do other things. 


I just put a different antenna on it yesterday,

still testing different ones trying to increase

its performance. 


All the Cryptos including Helium Crypto took 

a hit a couple of weeks ago, Helium value

decreased by half, but it's coming back up.


I'm sitting here reading a book so I'll check

you later ❤️


 Books glitter gifs








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@Pioneer1, glad you decided to check in my brotha.  Also, great news that you're back on the grind and figuring out your next moves.


There's A LOT for you to read and catch up on around here. Plenty discussions that could benefit from your opinion/perspective. 😁


Hope time allows you to jump back in that chair and let it fly sooner than later. In the words of NF jr...still learning.😎


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Yeah man readership and participation is enjoying an increase recently.  I can't keep up with all the comments.


With an increase in traffic comes an increase in spam comments.  The comments never get seen, so it really makes no sense that they are made.  It is just irritating to me because I have to spend time deleting them. 


I can relate to the work hours, but as Mzuri says it depends on what you are doing...


I would not invest in crypto currency as a short term measure because it is too volatile.  My own crypto currency is down 10% over the past few months, and I only hold Ethereum and Bitcoin and it is a long term investment.


I'm working with a African based startup company to help mint NTFs, but the difference is that we want to give the NTFs some real world utility and foster community. 


It is a sad commentary, on our wealthy society, that working 60 hours a week is required for anyone to stay out of poverty.


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