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CRT has nothing to do with Making White People uncomfortable

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7 hours ago, Troy said:


You drive a car in NYC have you ever been pulled over for some BS?  Have you never been abused by a cop for no good reason?  If not that is great and you are lucky to many others -- liked the more than 1,000 black people killed in the last five years.  A number you curiously called minuscule, but the same as killing of of the Black players in the NFL not so miniscule huh?




More than a thousand Black people killed by police

in the last five years?




There have been approximately 135 Black victims of

police inflicted homicides.  I would post some links

but I'm not since you consistently challenge them. 


Google that information for your own self.


Or see the previous thread on police brutality.


And perhaps before you hire moderators, you should

get some better defined rules.


But in the absence of clearly defined rules, common

forum decorum that everybody knows is that you're

not supposed to start a whole new thread on the

same topic that's already being discussed.


Like this right here:



CRT is being discussed here in this thread, but this

dope goes and starts a whole other thread about

how CRT is taught at university.  The same dope 

that thinks you need to hire moderators.  Next 

he'll be telling you that he wants to be one.


NEWSFLASH:  The topic of CRT is not exclusive

to university courses.  


It's taught as a university-level course at university

and it is also taught in grade school, at the grade-

school level.  Kind of like English, Art, Science, and

all the other subjects that are taught in schools.


Some of these negroes on here need to read a book.



P.S.  Maybe you should stop insulting your regulars, 

like Nels, Clarence, and Pioneer, and that way you 

won't be left to wonder why this forum lacks











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1 hour ago, ProfD said:



@Mzuri, that number came from this chart posted earlier in the thread. 😎



Thank you, but this article states otherwise.




I suppose that the difference is whether the 

police shooting victim was armed or not.  







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20 hours ago, Troy said:

the data you shared show that Black people are killed by police at a disproportionally higher rate than white people are killed. Which is the point.  You say "many are justified" the data does not claim to show that so either you are making that up or have another source of information you have not shared. 

Percentages deceive and magnify a non existent problem. It’s the total number that counts because you would compare that to gross numbers of deaths you would want to decrease during any period. Do you believe that rappers have not called for the death of police? Are you saying that BLM wasn’t calling for the death of Police Officers? What happens is we often play mind tricks to look at our grievances rather than the actual reality. Our culture has become so saturated with antiPolice sentiment that when the voiced they are glossed over.


 I get pulled over a lot. Sometimes it saved my life. Other times I have an infraction of the rules. Only 2 did I feel it was unjustified. 1 time it was by Black Police Officers and one time by Whites. At no time was I worried that I was going to be abused or killed.

10 hours ago, ProfD said:

that number came from this chart posted earlier in the thread. 

How many thousand does it take to make 2 million? Or better yet 6 million. Remember there are over 32 million Blacks in America.

8 hours ago, Mzuri said:

suppose that the difference is whether the 

police shooting victim was armed or not. 

That’s correct. But you were right in the assertion it’s not epidemic levels.

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Embedding Danielle instagram post (above)




On 2/16/2022 at 6:47 AM, Mzuri said:

P.S.  Maybe you should stop insulting your regulars, like Nels, Clarence, and Pioneer, 


I'm sure you have insulted me more times I have insulted all the other combined.  Again you are just making things up again.  @Pioneer1, tell Mzuri how often have I insulted you.


@Mzuri you conflate disagreement, and a challenge of your ideas, as insulting.  

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