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Thumper's Review of Sleep Don't Come Easy


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@aalbcIn case you did not check out this book when it first came out.


Sleep Don't Come Easy

Click to order via Amazonby Victor McGlothin & J.D. Mason

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I came across Sleep Don’t Come Easy by J.D. Mason and Victor McGlothin

some time ago. I threw it in my “to read” pile when I spotted J.D. Mason’s

name on the front cover. I have been a huge fan of Mason since I read one

of her early novels, And on the Eighth Day She Rested. I have been hooked

on Mason from that day on. Now that I am back into the swing of reading

and reviewing, I reached into my mountainous “to read” stack and pulled out the

short story anthology Sleep Don’t Come Easy. Although I have been in love

with Mason for years, I had not read any of Victor McGlothin works. None

of his novel summaries captured my attention enough for me to want to read any

of his books. I was willing to give McGlothin a shot, and he did not

disappoint. Both authors delivered fantastic detective/mystery

stories. I dived into the book with a thirst that I knew was about to be

quenched, if not by McGlothin then definitely by Mason, because Mason can do no

wrong when it comes to a story. From the first page to the last, Sleep

Don’t Come Easy was a gooey, sticky-sweet, delicious treat. I LOVED


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Please just click through any error messages the review page might generate. I hope to have those bug corrected by tomorrow

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