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Time And Time Again


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Today, August 18, 2011, is my 78th birthday, and I had considered engaging in a self-indulgent monologue attesting to the old adage of Life being not about the destination, but about the Journey. Yet, who needs platitudes? Uppermost in my mind is actually an amazment exceeded only by the gratitude I feel over having made it this far. My parents and siblings and so many of my friends have all gone on ahead, including the good buddy who was my husband. Yet, In moments of self-imposed solitude, I am alone but not lonely; reminiscence and serenity are my close companions serving as a Yin to the Yang of the vivacious children and grandkids who rejuvenate me.

So, all things considered, I have no complaints. Well - maybe one; a persistent foreboding that nudges my peace of mind. I have lived through so much history and seen so much change, but never have I witnessed the turmoil that is going on in the USA today. I never thought I’d be around to see a black man elected president. Or did I ever expect to see the nation on the brink of a collapse that may be triggered by divisive attempts to bring Barack Obama to his knees.

This country has survived many calamities but I fear its luck is running out, and those scoundrels masquerading as patriots bent on taking “their” country back, would do well to consider that "pride goeth before a fall". I don't know. I sometimes think that I have lived long enough. And so it goes. :blink:

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Happy birthday Ms. Cynique. We are without question blessed to grace your wisdom and commentaries whether we agree with them or not. We also would be blessed if we could live as long and still be lucid, witty, intelligent and commanding as you.


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