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Ignorant Arguers

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12 hours ago, ProfD said:

Never engage in arguments.  Most are pointless.  Nothing constructive comes out of it.😎

Yes that's sounds right. Occasionally on FB I'll make a statement about Astrology that other people don't understand and then tell me I'm wrong. What happens occasionally is I get so annoyed I discover something or create a new technique.


I have been developing new rules of disengagement with ignorant arguers.

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Ahem, when the person who is supposedly IGNORANT proves their point with experts and with others in positions of power and influence - weighing in on their side this means they are no longer IGNORANT.

They have proven themselves absolutely correct. For the life of me, I cannot believe a participant in this discussion got so butt-hurt over getting clobbered that he took to creating a whole thread to whine about it.

Here is the problem: The loser who has been proven wrong gets angry and launches into a series of ad hominen juvenile personal attacks. Better left to children tossing dirt at each other in a playground sandbox.

Here is the issue. 

We all know that across this country, there is a horrendous and dangerous shortage of baby formula. By all accounts, this shortages hits People of Color and poor new mothers the hardest. 

So the company primarily responsible for the shortage, Abbott Nutrition, a subsidiary of Abbott Laboratories, decided to spend millions of dollars to buy back its stock and pay dividends to stockholders. 

I was aghast that this company would rather spend millions of dollars to enrich its stockholders rather than the pay that money to clean its baby formula-making equipment at its Sturgis, Mich., plant, which definitely needed to be cleaned. During inspections that spanned January, February and March, FDA investigators found Cronobacter sakazakii bacteria in several areas inside the plant.

Infants took ill and at last count, two actually died. 

I was not the only one miffed.  So were several journalists of legitimate news organizations. I created the thread because I care about Black people, not enriching others. 




My  thread about this  completely ticked off Delano. His response? He attacked ME. But not Abbott Nutrition for doing something so completely clueless and morally untenable. Because Abbott's move angered millions of people. 

Delano defended Abbott's move, claiming companies should do right by shareholders. Until the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee agreed with my stance and launched an investigation into why Abbott Laboratories decided to delay a needed cleanup of its baby formula plant to hand out millions to its stockholders.

Senate Finance Committee chairman launches probe of Abbott Labs enrichment of stockholders

Which is proof my stance is the correct one. One cannot take issue with the Truth. 

One thing I have learned by being a competent writer - I tick off people who cannot match me for intellect. This has been going for decades. It does not faze me. You should have seen the crap I put with exposing Barack Obama haters on White Conservative threads.

Know what happened on those? I received private messages from a dozen participants who grudgingly admitted that I was right. 

Which is why I chuckle at the so-called offended ones. Go the Abbott Nutrition baby formula thread and read it for yourself.

I just cannot believe Delano's silly excuse that he "knows about business." So do I. But fiduciary responsibility to shareholders should never take a back seat to the safety and well-being of customers who are defenseless infants and toddlers. 

So Delano got butt-hurt when I proved that so many were angry at Abbott as I was and created a whole new thread to whine about it. Discussion group immaturity. It never dies. 

Know how to beat Discussion Group and News Forum immaturity? With FACTS.

Facts are Information small 2.jpg

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8 hours ago, Delano said:

What's your technique for dealing with ignorant arguers. Asking for a friend. Clearly I won't be responding to everyone.

Rule #1

Don't be one yourself


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The thing is.....
Most fools and grossly ignorant people don't HAVE a code.
The closest thing they come to a code is going where ever their emotions drive them.

Neely Fuller is TRYING to give our people a code to live by so that they aren't harmed by what he terms "The System of White Supremacy" but a lot of our people aren't listening.

In line with the subject of this thread, Mr. Fuller's "VGQ" idea that allows people to have their own opinion without arguing with them would be great advice on how to deal with "ignorant arguers"

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1 hour ago, Pioneer1 said:

"VGQ" idea that allows people to have their own opinion without arguing with them would be great advice...

Absolutely. Since you're hip to NF Jr., you understand my approach to the forum. Mostly constructive dialog with a side of humor. No arguments though. 😁😎

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It's hard NOT to argue with some of these mofo's on here....lol.
They'll keep poking until they PULL the argument out of you.

There are people like that at my job, who you can agree with and they STILL find a way to argue with you.

The other week, one brother got into it with another even when he agreed with him, accusing him of FAKE agreement because that wasn't his position in the past.  I'm asking the brother that couldn't it have been possible that he could have changed his mind?  The brother didn't want to accept it.  He believed that if the dude took that position a month ago then he STILL holds that position....lol.  SMH.

Some of these niggaz'll argue with a damn tree.

A Black Man is Suing Texas Police, City for Negligence (VIDEO)

"Why don't yall do some work instead of just standing around swaying in the breeze!
I gotta go work for the White man, why can't yall????"



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