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White people are starting another new party of governance?

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New Jersey is heading this up?

Now I need to learn about this new term; FUSION VOTING!

What is that!?

I read the article but still do not understand the real issue.

Apparently, this new movement stems from people who do not like either the democratic or Republican party; and while some may be more geared towards one party, however, they don't care for certain extreme issues. So therefore, they are deciding to come up with a third new party. 

Yeah, it does sound like what @Pioneer1said. 

It seems like to me, it will end up being the same racist system. 

But, I think @richardmurraythe whole point of this post is so that Black people can see how White people organize and then reorganize if they want to achieve their goals of which they believed were not being addressed in the older methods. 

I believe that if Black people are continuing to rely on old methods that have not worked, than yes, we do need to try to come together and organize to get a better result. 

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