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Big. Pay. Back. Actress. Erica. Alexander

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Actress. Erica. Alexander. Involved. In. A Documentary. Movie ,About,Slave. Reparations. For. The. Descendants. Of. Slaves. In. This,Country...Erica. Alexander. Was. On. The. T. V. Show,Living ,Single .... It. Would. Take. Billions. .White. America  Is. Against ,Reparations. For. Slavery..  Black. Lives. Matter. Got. Millions. In,Contributions. And. Stole. It. .Church. Takes  Up  Millions. ,The,Preachers. Steal......Heard. Politicians. Give. Preachers. ,Money..,Black. .People. Genocide. And. Enslave. Their. ,Communities,Every. Day...There. Are. Black. Slaves. Holders,Black ,Overseers. In. Black. Communities......Happy. Fathers. Day. To. All,The. Responsible. Black. Fathers.....

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Reparations is a very necessary conversation and endeavor to undertake.


In the meantime, it's par for the course that there's no shortage of folks who will profiteer from hustling our issues.😎

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Erica Alexander (Max from Living Single...lol) is my girl!

Beautiful chocolate sista.
She also ages well.

I remember seeing her small role as a detective in "Get Out" and she was just as sexy then as she was 25 years ago in Living Single.

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One thing BLACKS do NOT  need is more free stuff.  Reparations is another excuse to not work and get some more free stuff. Give me a break . Reparations is loser talk. 
Erica Alexander is a total clown and a loser. Why would any of you listen to what she has to say, she is irrelevant and looking for more free stuff. Maybe she needs money to take care of some of her babies? Who knows!

She is advocating laziness and free hand outs. That’s not a recipe for success. 
Activist is a fancy way of saying you don’t want to work and you want some free stuff.

Erica Alexander has no morals and will do anything for some money. Stay away from that parasite.

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