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This is the face of today’s black male- very sad !

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This is the face of todays black male.  A typical armed robbery/ murder suspect who has a few kids out of wedlock. Its so sad ! What kind of life will his children have ? Someone needs to tell him to get a haircut, he looks ridiculous. There is no excuse.



D66B555B-8CED-481F-A0AB-0D15292188D2.webp.d306f0a5288d76aa3977e0430905a9fd.webpHere is his partner in crime. They are actually bad at what they do becuse they keep getting caught.


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  • Greg changed the title to This is the face of today’s black male- very sad !

@Pioneer1, when referring to a black man, our  women often use the terms handsome and beautiful/gorgeous synonymously. 


I don't believe our women use the alternative terms (beautiful, gorgeous) to emasculate a black man especially when he trancends handsome.


For example, there have been a few black men for whom handsome wasn't enough.  Prince comes to mind as a brotha who women thought was beautiful/gorgeous. 


By all accounts, despite the way he *looked*, Prince was strictly a ladies man. 😎

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3 hours ago, Greg said:

This violent black thug with no impulse control is trying to rob this hard working white man. Look how brave the white man is as he stares down the violent thug. 


🙄   How "brave" do you have to be when the gun pointed at you is fake and the only shooting you're expecting is your propaganda video?

Since when does any establishment use cameras with such crystal clarity and high resolution that you can almost read the letters on the man's hoodie?

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