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Commitment to America. Finally The Republicans Reawaken


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Commitment to America. It’s an action plan to make All Americans proud, safe and prosperous!!! None of that Hug a Thug Democrat Criminals get out jail free, is in this commitment. This means Americans will be able to start feeling safer in their cities.


Like a hurricane 🌀 Democrats have threatened our children’s education by attacking the family structure, foundation of America and even their very identity as boys and girls. 

There’s much more in it that will make America 🇺🇸 the shining beacon of hope it has always been. Do yourself a favor and read it. Give yourself a dose of pride and hope.

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Sounds like another "Contract on America" scheme like the one the right-wingers were pushing and hyping 20 years ago.

I remember some of those wing-nuts were walking around with a "Contract on America" pamphlet in their back pocket and whipping it out every time they got into arguments.

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