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Time. To. Rise !!!

harry brown

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Black. People. It. Is. Time. To. Rise.. In. This. Country. We. Need. Unity. To. Survive...For. Centuries.   Because. Of. Our. Skin. Color ,And. Race.  Our. People. They. Dehumanize....They. Bring. In. Black ,Communities. Guns. And. Cocaine. To. Help. With. Black. Genocide..,For. Profit. To. A. White. Jesus. Black. People. Black. Preachers. Will. Baptize... Both. Political. Parties. Racist. Speak. Lies..Each. Minute. Each. Second. Of. Each. New. Sunrise. .They. Are,Planning. Our. Demise....

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But look at the AMAZING POWER that our black skin beholds: Intimidating, breath-taking, forgiving, exhilarating, inventing, BEAUTIFUL, strong, resilient, productive, head-turning, relevant, contributing, kind, empathetic, compromising, welcoming, loving, inclusive, compassionate, powerful, creative, forward-moving in spite of, holding our heads high, lifting the spirits of & fostering endless possibilities for everyone we love - causing those who don't love us to secretly admire our strength while outwardly denying our incredible abilities to make this world a better place... and WE STILL STAND!

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