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I wrote you 37 Letters

Dee Miller

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I'm in the process of self-publishing my 4th book and wanted to share a couple of letters to uplift.   Enjoy!   Your feedback is ALWAYS welcome!


Dear Bathroom Facilities,


Thank you for allowing me to be alone with you.  You and I have so many secrets. Thank you for keeping mine on the low.  I know that, at times, it is I who puts my business in the air, but when it counts, you’re always there for me. 


You’ve become my place of refuge - A place where I can wash the day’s demands away.  Thank you for supplying me with everything that I need to release, refresh and revitalize.

Thank you for protecting my pride, oh dear sweet bathroom facility.  You’ve experienced the best and the worst of me. 


You’ve proven your unconditional love by harmonizing my words as they bounce off the shower walls.  Thank you for believing in me and allowing me to express myself during all sorts of private events. Much love – bathroom facilities. 



Dear Life,


I have no regrets.  As a matter of fact, when was the last time that I said, ‘I Love you’.  Thank you for all of the experiences that you insisted I have.  The lessons learned made me wise, the ‘failures’ made me strong, the women in my life made me the woman I am, the men make me smile, the laughter of children makes me dream, and the sun makes me shine. 


Thank you, life, for educating me about consequences, for introducing me to frequencies that have elevated my soul – helping me to rise up and manifest my here and now, to live in the moment, and to walk with gratitude on my right and spirit on my left.



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Hey @Troy!  Good to be missed my friend!  Life has been taking me on a ride, but I’ve been keeping aalbc in my view. 

in fact, on Monday I uploaded my file for this book to BCP Printing!! Yeah baby!! 

once a bar code is assigned and the book is ready, I am excited to share.


in the meantime, did I see something to the effect that I will receive a free profile page on aalbc?


I also plan on moving my other 3 books to the site.


take care my friend and keep doin the damn thang!  

we appreciate all you do to keep us front and center! 

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