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Hakeem Jefferies. Democratic. House. Minority. Leader ?????

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If. Democrat. Hakeem  Jefferies. Is. The. Minority. Leader. Speaker ,,He. Should. Talk. About. Sending. Billions. To. Uplift. Poor. Inner. City   Communities. And. Schools. ..The. Black. Democrats. ,Are ,Happy. To Support. Sending. Billions. Of. U. S. Money. To. White.  ,,Country. Ukraine.  .Hakeem   Jefferies. Should. Organize. ,Kwanzaa.  To. Uplift. Black. Communities. ..Black. Democrats. Ate,Controlled. By. White. Democrats. Like. Republicans. Are,Controlled. By. Trump..........Herschel. Walker. Is A. Lying. Idiot.,Pastor. Warnock. Is. A. Slave. Plantation.  House. Preacher....Preacher. Warnock. Not. Talking. About. Church. ,Corruption.  Preachers. Raping. Children. Murdering. Their. Wives..Stealing. Church. Money. Buying. Cars. Stealing. Church ,Money. To. Pay. Car. Payments........Black. And. White. Political. ,Are,Corrupt. ,Vile. Liars. ,Preachers. Worship. Money. ....

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If Mr. Jefferies indeed becomes Speaker of the House, he should take that position as an opportunity to be HIS OWN man.
Even if it costs him his seat later on, he should push a solid agenda that includes helping AfroAmericans and the poor of this nation and don't shy away from it or compromise it.
He should pose a DIRECT challenge to the right-wing Republicans and Conservatives in Congress and make it clear that he will oppose their agenda.

Time out for Black men playing "go along to get along".

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