Your Book on Two Popular Pages Until March 21, 2017!
Winter Book Promotion Special Only $149

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Get Started Now–Just $149!

Your book will appear on the Homepage and the Book’s Main Page for the entire winter. Once you’ve processed payment, by clicking the button above, simply email us the URL of the page where you want us to send readers who click your book’s cover, and we'll handle the rest.

The sooner you act, the better the deal! – Promotion Ends January 31, 2017


  • Winter Special Campaigns start December 22, 2017.
  • If you make you purchase after December 22nd, your ad will begin less than 24 hours after you make your purchase.
  • All Winter Special advertisers will get a 25% discount on the Spring (2017) Special.
  • The ad should receive several hundred impressions a day. No reports are provided for these types of ads. We do however provide reports for CPM ad buys ($10 CPM or $10 for every 1,000 impressions), if you are interested in tracking impressions visit here.

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