Why Huria Search?

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Huria Search - Discover the Black World Wide Web Discover the Best of the Black Web

Huria Search was created in reaction to the current trend in search results that favor large corporate entities and sensational content over independent websites and more serious content. 

While this trend effects all independent websites, the impact on Black websites is more severe.  As a result, some of the best content generated for and by the Black community is buried too deep in traditional search results to be easily discovered.

Sensational and celebrity driven content typically produced by the larger corporate entities is crowding out independent voices.  This combined with advertisements, at the top of search results, contribute to degrading the web experience by reducing the variety and quality of content we can easily find.

Huria Search's goal is to improve the internet experience for people looking for content created by the Black community and to help support the efforts of those websites.

Websites thrive when they can be found.  Higher visibility allows websites to earn more revenue, attract better writers, garner more visitors who interact with the website and provide valuable promotion. (read more about the genesis of Huria Search)

Huria Does Not Accept Advertising; or Show Search Results hosted on;

  • Social Media Websites
  • Large Corporate Websites
  • Websites that serve automatically generated content ("scrapper sites, "autoblogs")
  • Websites that are link farms or provide no original content.
  • Websites inappropriate for children

Huria Search was originally launched in November of 2011.  Our goal then was to index the global Black community of independent websites.  In August of 2013 we've narrowed our focus to, primarily, independent media and booksellers.  In December of 2015 we migrated Huria Search from its own domain, huria.org, to aalbc.com/huria. Here is a complete list of all of the sites included in our index.

We need your Feedback and support to continue to remain viable and to improve.

A luta continua

huria1 noun

freedom, liberty, independence

huria2 adjective

free, independent, self-sufficient, autonomous

huria3 adverb

freely, liberally, openly, without restraint

Huria definition source: African Languages.com