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Alice Randall is a 1-Time Bestselling Author

Alice Randall grew up in Washington, DC. As a Harvard undergraduate majoring in English she studied with Julia Child as well as Harry Levin, Alan Heimert, and Nathan Huggins. After graduation, Randall headed south to Music City where she founded Midsummer Music with the idea she would create a new way to fund novel writing and a community of powerful storytellers.

On her way to The Wind Done Gone she became the first black woman in history to write a number one country song ( XXX’s and OOO’s); wrote a video of the year (Is There Life Out There); worked on multiple Johnny Cash videos (The Chicken in Black) and wrote and produced the pilot for a prime time drama about ex-wives of country stars (XXX’s and OOO’s) that aired on CBS.

She currently lives in Nashville, TN and is a writer-in-residence at Vanderbilt University

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