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We sell a curated selection of almost 20,000 titles covering a century of Black writing from around the world. In addition to buying your books here, you’ll find reviews, bestsellers lists, awards, excerpts, publisher information, and more. Readers: discover books grouped by over 1,500 different categories. Authors and Publishers: here are a variety of ways to get your books on AALBC.

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We track all of the Black winners of the National Book Awards, Pulitzer Prize, Carter G. Woodson Award, Coretta Scott King Award, and many more. Winners of these awards are factored into our formula for determining The Most Critically Acclaimed Books of the Past 40 Years.

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The Coffee Will Make You Black is AALBC’s online book club. Check out our reading list and participate in discussions that take place over the course of a month. There is no commitment or pressure; just enjoy.

Go On Girl! Book Club’s Reading List (Since 1991)
Go On Girl! Book Club, Inc. Complete Reading List (Since 1991)

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