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Advertising Price List Updated July 20, 2023

photo of Black girl promoting advertising on AALBC.comAALBC.com is uniquely positioned to display your book cover or banner advertisement to a large, and highly targeted, audience: readers of books written, by or about, people of African descent. Launched in 1998, AALBC.com is now the premier website dedicated to Black books. Review AALBC.com’s visitor demographics.

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Book Cover and Banner Ads

Your book cover, or banner advertisement, will appear on virtually every AALBC page for 35 Days and be viewed at least 100,000 times. On a desktop or tablet the ads will be on the right-hand side of the page (→). On cell phones, the ads appear after the content (↓). Get your book cover or banner ad on AALBC Today ▶

Newsletter Advertisements

Newsletters are rich email messages sent to our mailing list of over 18,400 subscribers. Open rates are normally more than 35%. You pick the mailing date (based upon availability). Our newsletter service also includes a free author profile, a $199 value, at no additional charge. Schedule Your Newsletter Advertisement Now ▶

Author Profile: Your Personal Website on AALBC.com

An Author Profile is your permanent web presence on AALBC.com. It includes everything a dedicated website would including, your photo, biography, video, and dedicated pages for all of your books. Get Your Author Profile Today ▶

Enhanced Author Profile:

An Enhanced Author Profile provides you with all of the benefits of the Author Profile, but replaced the banner ads on the right hand side of your pages your own content, blog, social media, calendar, etc. Get Your Enhanced Author Profile Today ▶

Become an Author You Should Know:

We will provide a link to your website, or AALBC Profile page, from your photo, name, a short description of your work, or an accomplishment on our home page and the authors main page for 50 days. Get Your photo on AALBC now ▶

Sponsored MMS Text Messaging

Our Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages are sent to our growing list of more than 2,900 mobile phone recipients. With read rates exceeding 99%, MMS is an effective way to reach readers. Learn More (coming coon) ▶

Publicist, Gilda Squire on the Importance of Marketing Your Book

More Ways to Use AALBC to Promote Your Book (Some are Free).

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