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Carolyn Holland is a bibliophile. She purchased Rosemary’s Roger’s Sweet Savage Love in 1974 and fell in love with the main characters, Steve Morgan and Ginnie Brandon. The storyline was raw, violent, and extremely sensual, while at the same time maintaining historical integrity. From that day forward, she was hooked on historical romance. She is a hopeless romantic. Please don’t judge her!

The historical romance genre took off like a rocket, giving female writers the autonomy to write true-to-life eroticism with a backdrop of historical fact. To date, there is minimal representation in the genre for people of color. Carolyn was determined to change that by writing books for, and about, people of color which appeal to male and female readers.

When the late L.A. Banks took her readers to heaven and hell in her Vampire Huntress Legend series, garnering crossover appeal with her main characters, Damali (the Neteru), and Jose (a Vampire), a germ of an idea began to grow. Carolyn was not ready to act upon it until she came across The Book of Enoch and the Watcher Angels who were beguiled by the loveliness of earthly women and begat children with them—Nephilim. The rest, as they say, is history.

Carolyn is interested in anything relating to the “spirit world,” classic eroticism, and the day-to-day trials and triumphs of melanated people. Her enthrallment with literature began while studying for her B.A. in Philosophy at West Virginia State University. Her fascination with the “spirit world” stems from her southern mother, her Caribbean father, and a host of “intuitive” family members, who often see, hear or dream about things before they occur. As to her affinity for erotica? She’s a Scorpio! What do you expect?

Carolyn has a weakness for wide-brimmed hats, stilettos, hard-to-find books, music, friendly people, and a good bottle of cabernet. She loves to travel, cook, and spend time with family and friends. Carolyn currently resides in Hillsborough, New Jersey, along with her spirit guides and her cast of other-worldly fictional characters.

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