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Maya, your eyes
are small,
your eyes
are small, but they see enormous things.

Opened up the heavens and
Egypt took a step back.

Some People Call Her, "Moo."

Gabrielle Johnson

Some people call her, "Moo."

I hope she doesn't turn out to be a cow.

It's no wonder she was born on a Monday. She was sweated and conceived on a Sunday.

Being born without a plan, you can find yourself at a Greyhound Bus Station going nowhere.

I wanted your name to have meaning. You know, something that expressed your African, Jamaican, Portuguese, Chinese, White, Black, and Red self.

They said, "Don't give her a name that will spell Black." We wouldn't want her to get trapped in the night.

Why every Junebug, Moochie, Munchie, Gumpy, Spider, Yaps, Clownie, Sugie, Beesub, Crud, Lateefa I know grew up in England.

But, you moved to the ghetto and that was that.

Copyright ' 1996 by hanging Loose Press
ISSN Number: 0440-2316


Gabrielle with author, Zane


"I'm waiting to write a poem that my husband will understand."

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