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Sonya Atkins: "I am a twenty-five-year-old English instructor at Northeast Louisiana University. However, I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Grambling State University. I like reading interesting novels and poetry. In addition to this, I enjoy listening to various types of music. Furthermore, I am inspired by diverse people and things. My writings stem from present and past experiences. Thus, I feel that it is important that people possess an outlet or way of ’venting’. I think this is the catalyst for my writing."
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a gruesome ornament
tormenting my existence,
something that I have worn
for years.
many have come to see it,
turn a face and sneak a glance,
like a piece of rare gold.
crossing my heart with
years of pleasure and pain,
I wonder if I can break away,
a link of semiprecious metal.
this is who I have become,
years have taught me to look
ahead, the weight gets lighter,
the chain breaks,
I can live without the extra baggage.

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standing on the porch,
as I scour my surroundings,
rancid bottles of fermented corn
at my feet,
in a drunken stupor and twisted life,
he makes me melancholy.
I pray for a visitor,
there are none.
they will see me.
they will know me.
because I am afraid.
but he comes to lie with
his whore,
as I work for dear life
every night.
The smell of cheap wine and
carnal thoughts,
make me neurotic.
anger and fear surge through my veins,
but strangers pass me by,
as I notice not a familiar face.
KoKo and I are together,
but she is speechless.
We are mute to the world,
lost in the silence.
1995 is the median,
the stars reveal not one answer,
the brightest star possesses the Truth,
I am still watching…

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Conversational Piece
our tongues lock in a verbal embrace,
my mind caught in a whirlwind of verbosity,
catatonic eyes can’t move an Inch,
my conscious mind races to keep up,
my body tingles from the myriad of topics,
I grasp the lexicon,
I seize the phraseology with my body,
the sentences bounce from my erect and flushed chest,
my eyes and ears can’t handle the metaphor that I
ride until I can’t encipher another,
as I absorb the last spoken syllable,
my mind decides to ease into a linguistic bliss.

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CATepelose Metamorphose

encompassed by the world,
CATapult into this life,
the forces that shape a pearl,
created the soul.

a small kitten,
aimlessly drifting,
finding nothing to grasp,
nothing lingers,
possessing no sense of reason,
just existing.

Is there a difference between existing and living?

Trying to change.
A beautiful transmogrify.
Shifting the soul into
this matter called flesh,
a shell that houses
the butterfly and the cat.
Once free,
there is no down,
only up.
Once converted,
there is only life.

And Life for the living?

the catepelose is upon
my right shoulder,
considering its reflection,
Me in the mirror of life.
A picturesque view of
and the kitten is upon my
left shoulder,
judging the long awaited
As I focus,
there sits a butterfly, a cat and Me.
We are one.


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