Book Cover Image of To Reach a Dream by Nathan C. Heard

To Reach a Dream
by Nathan C. Heard

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Publication Date: Jul 03, 1973
List Price: Unavailable
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9780451054906
Imprint: Signet
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Parent Company: Bertelsmann

Mass Market Paperback Description:

A new Cadillac every year, fancy rags, flashy hot women, pockets stuffed with big bucks, and the BIG FUN of talking trash, drinking mash, snorting cocaine-that’s what achieving manhood meant on the mean, sordid streets that Bart Enos roamed.

In order to thrive, a man had to have a goal in life-a goal that could only be paved with money.

And there was little Bart wouln’t do to obtain it. With the overwhelming scent of sex lifting from his skin, all he needed was a shot at one rich dame to be set for life. Put a little sugar in her bowl.

Black man making it in a world og gambles, whores, junkies and pimps. "Deep and powerful, vivid and compelling."
-Minneapolis Tribune

"A raw, brutal portrayal