Book Cover Image of The Green Piano: How Little Me Found Music by Roberta Flack and Tonya Bolden

The Green Piano: How Little Me Found Music
by , Illustrated by Hayden Goodman

Publication Date: Jan 10, 2023
List Price: $18.99
Format: Hardcover, 40 pages
Classification: Nonfiction
Target Age Group: Picture Book
ISBN13: 9780593479872
Imprint: Anne Schwartz Books
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Parent Company: Bertelsmann

Hardcover Description:

This autobiographical picture book by the multiple Grammy Award-winning singer Roberta Flack recounts her childhood in a home surrounded by music and love: it all started with a beat-up piano that her father found in a junkyard, repaired, and painted green.

Growing up in a Blue Ridge mountain town, little Roberta didn’t have fancy clothes or expensive toys…but she did have music. And she dreamed of having her own piano.

When her daddy spies an old, beat-up upright piano in a junkyard, he knows he can make his daughter’s dream come true. He brings it home, cleans and tunes it, and paints it a grassy green. And soon the little girl has an instrument to practice on, and a new dream to reach for—one that will make her become a legend in the music industry.

Here is a lyrical picture book—perfect for aspiring piano players and singers—that shares an intimate look at Roberta Flack’s family and her special connection to music.