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The Sound That Jazz Makes
by Carole Boston Weatherford, Illustrated by Eric Velasquez

Publication Date:
List Price: $16.95 (store prices may vary)
Format: Hardcover
Classification: Children’s
Page Count: 32
ISBN13: 9780802787200
Imprint: Walker Childrens
Publisher: Walker and Co
Parent Company: Walker and Co

Book Description:
A symphony of sound and color, The Sound That Jazz Makes is an eloquently rendered celebration of a remarkable heritage. Author Carole Boston Weatherford’s lyrical stanzas combine with the power of luminous oil paintings by Coretta Scott King New Talent winner, Eric Velasquez (The Piano Man) to trace the development of jazz. From African forests to wooden slave ships to Harlem nightclubs, the tragic and joyous legacy of the African-American experience gives jazz its passion and spirit.

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