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Stranger In The Family
by Zetta Elliott

    Publication Date: Mar 05, 2009
    List Price: $11.99
    Format: Paperback, 202 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9781441476432
    Imprint: Rosetta Press
    Publisher: Rosetta Press
    Parent Company: Rosetta Press

    Paperback Description:

    Stranger in the Family is a mixed-media memoir that examines the shifting terrain upon which we negotiate race, kinship, and identity. When my father died of cancer in the spring of 2004, I accepted an offer to teach in the tiny east African country of Djibouti. While abroad, I reflected upon the complicated concept of diaspora, and the alienation I sometimes felt as a foreigner brought to mind a hurtful remark my father once directed at me: "You’re a stranger in this family." When my teaching assignment in Djibouti ended prematurely, I returned to Toronto and wrote a collection of essays to more closely examine my "outsider" role within my family and my native land. Stranger in the Family uses prose, photography, short stories, and poetry to trace my evolution as a black woman, a writer, a daughter, and a Canadian.

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