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Surviving the Urban Apocalypse: A Guide for Afrikan Warriors
by Balogun Ojetade

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    List Price: $18.95 (store prices may vary)
    Format: Paperback
    Classification: Fiction
    Page Count: 236
    ISBN13: 9781530809370
    Imprint: CreateSpace
    Publisher: On-Demand Publishing LLC
    Parent Company:, Inc.

    Book Description:
    Imagine the end of the world as we know it has come. How did it happen? A global financial collapse? A nuclear holocaust? A natural disaster? An asteroid strike? A highly infectious viral pandemic? Scientists at the University of Chicago opening a crack in the atmosphere that releases dark matter into the world? There are many ways the Apocalypse can occur. Part of being prepared is your ability to answer some very simple questions: What skills and supplies will you need to survive? Where will you stay or go? Who will be with you? How will you rebuild after it all falls down? Many believe running to the forest and living off the land is the solution. However, the reality is most of us live in cities and will be trapped in those same cities once roads become impassable or are patrolled by the military, thieves and rapists or hordes of starving, desperate people. You had better learn to survive in an urban environment or you and those you love will die or worse. This Afrikan Warriors’ Guide to SURVIVING THE URBAN APOCALYPSE puts you smack dab in the middle of The End a global crisis has decimated most of the world’s population; all utilities are turned off; the world has become even more brutal and dangerous than it was before The End. Once you are immersed in the world that WILL one day come, this book gives you the tools that will help you survive it. Along with “Afrikan Martial Arts: Discovering the Warrior Within,” “The Afrikan Warriors’ Bible,” “The Afrikan Warriors’ Guide to Defeating Bullies & Trolls,” SURVIVING THE URBAN APOCALYPSE is a must have in your self-defense and survival toolkit.

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