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My Afmerica
by Artress Bethany White

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    Format: Paperback, 78 pages
    Classification: Poetry
    ISBN13: 9781949487008
    Imprint: Trio House Press
    Publisher: Trio House Press
    Parent Company: Trio House Press
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    "My Afmerica is a restless book, wandering through an America that cannot be separated from its African American people, where to be black is to be considered a body potent with the crimes of treason, with the crime of not being pure/white, traceable longer back ’than Whitman’s leaves of grass.’ " Sun Yung Shin, author of Rough, and Savage and 2018 Trio House Press Contest Judge

    "My Afmerica forces us to consider the cost of history, brutality, racism, accompanied by documented facts. In doing so, her work makes our bodies react with a nod, a jaw clench, a curse, a sigh, a held breath. White’s art is as evident as her keen use of form translates what the textbooks often miss. There is no overstating that My Afmerica is one of those books that should be studied as history, poetry, theory, and art. Artress Bethany White’s second collection of poetry should be committed to memory and passed down as a living, poetic, historical document."—Willie Perdomo, The Essential Hits of Shorty Bon Bon

    "In verse both free and deftly formal, Artress Bethany White unflinchingly mines the notion of family: biological, blended, constructed and decidedly American. She takes no prisoners, or perhaps takes us all prisoners, kicking into the necessary and discomfiting discourse of who we truly are—and how we are tied together in awful, and also surprisingly beautiful, ways."—Danielle Legros Georges, Poet Laureate, City of Boston

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