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by Steven Barnes
About Comics (Oct 23, 2014)
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Before the Guardians of the Galaxy gathered, before Firefly flew, there was: FUSION. Now the graphic novel that launched the series is in book form for the very first time. The Tsunami is a cargo ship. Things get put into her, taken across space, and taken out. There’s nothing unusual about that. The crew, now that’s another matter. Sure, Captain Indio Tremaine is human, and so is her first mate, the handsome and indestructible gambler Dow Cook. But the rest of the crew are genetic constructs of fur, wings, and claws. Tan, the engineer, is one wily weasel, and that’s no metaphor. Together, they are rated "high-risk indy," suited to take on the least likely, most dangerous deliveries. They’re the team you want when you have cargo to be delivered and you need things to go right… or when they’ve already gone wrong. But what if there is no cargo? Then things can go very wrong indeed…